The Jawbreaker Palette By Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Review

ICONIC? Literally every single one of Jeffree’s releases blows me away every time – just when I can’t imagine it getting better, it does! This is the biggest eyeshadow palette that the brand has released with 24 pans instead of 18.

The shade range is beautiful and rainbow inspired but with a pastel take on the hues. It screams summer to me and I adore the theme!

In Jeffree’s reveal video on YouTube, he stated that “this palette is what rainbow wishes it could be. It’s rainbow but to the next level”

The collection also includes a mini eyeshadow palette entitled ‘mini breaker’x a highlighter palette called ‘Brain Freeze’, three new Supreme Frosts, six new liquid lipstick shades, ? Lip amunition, three lip scrubs, AND merchandise including mirrors, make up bags, tracksuits!


The entire collection of liquid lipsticks is wrapped in a neon green/ acid chartreuse. I love how the brand always change up their packaging for each release, it makes it feel so much more special. Of course, this eyeshadow palette has the print of a traditional jawbreaker sweet with shade names to match this adorable theme.


Jeffeee Star is a self confessed sugar addict which is where he found his inspiration for this palette. The packaging has a rainbow splatter just like jawbreakers but with the iconic staple JSC pink component. I was absolutely blown away by the pastel shades in this palette because is everything I’ve ever wanted! There are four rows of six shadows each with three formulas – matte, metallic and shimmers. These shadows are the same formula as the last three palettes, Thirty, Blood Sugar and Blue Blood.

“I really wanted to express that candy, larger than life feel”

The Shades

Of course, you can’t have a palette as bold and bright as Jawbreaker without the crazy shade names to match!

  • VIRGIN: bone yellow toned white matte. These types of shades are my favourite for a base shade.
  • GOOD MORNING: Fleshy pink matte
  • BUBBLEGUM: a baby pink matte colour.
  • WOW: four times brighter than the yellow in the Thirsty palette.
  • SUCK: a bright matte orange shade.
  • LIQUORISH: a pure matte red that Jeffree said didn’t make the Blood Sugar palette but he’s been holding on to it for this.

“It’s all about having fun and being creative”

  • CUTE: a gorgeous mint / pistachio green matte.
  • FUCK: another very vibrant matte orange that would be great to pair with suck and wow.
  • GUM DROP: this is probably one of my favourites! It’s a matte lilac and I’ve ALWAYS wanted a shadow in this colour!
  • SNACK: a honestly beautiful champagne pink shimmer.
  • BRAIN FREEZE: a matte pale blue similar to shades found in the coveted Blue Blood Palette.
  • JAWBREAKER: a pale icy white shimmer that would be great for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner.

  • AND WHAT?: a red shimmer shadow.
  • ORANGE JUICE: an orange shimmer shadow.
  • SOUR: a bright green matte that really suits its shade name.
  • SOAKED: a very dark navy matte.
  • RASPBERRY: a monsoon matte. This is a very autumnal shade but I feel it still works great in this palette due to all its firey hues.
  • COTTON CANDY: THIS. SHADE. So beautiful, so iconic, so Jeffree. I don’t even need to explain just LOOK AT IT.

  • LEMON DROP: a shimmer yellow – which I’ve never really seen done before!
  • BITE ME: purple shimmer shade.
  • CHERRY WET: vibrant red matte.
  • TASTY: a light brown great for a transition shade.
  • CONE: another light, transitional toned colour.
  • DELICIOUS: a deep navy blue matte.

All swatches done with my finger without primer.

To The Test

After spending so much time playing with these shadows in the palette, I think my favourite shade is definitely ‘Fuck’ due to its very intense neon pigmentation. For the look above, I used Gum drop in the crease and BubbleGum and Fuck on the lid. Under the eyes, I used Brainfreeze and Cute.

let me know what your favourite shades in the palette are in the comments!


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