How To Get Your Motivation Back

Feeling sluggish? 🐌 here are my top tips on staying positive!


Modern life can be hectic and often overwhelming, which means it’s so easy to fall into bed at the end of your day in a bad mood, feeling unmotivated and just flat. This is something I’ve struggled with for years, feeling unmotivated and depressed with little energy to do anything towards my goals.

It doesn’t matter what your goals may be, whether it’s to get more exercise, read more, save up money or get that promotion. I hope this little list of tips will help you get that one step closer to where you want to be in your life. I feel as though within the last few years my mindset has changed a lot. I’m a lot more positive than I once was, I feel a lot more motivated and genuinely a lot happier. I want you to feel the same way too.


Keeping organised is a really good way to make sure you’re not missing anything. The satisfaction of ticking things off your to do list is second to none. I often keep a list of everything I want to do in that week and check back to it whenever I have free time to get things done. It’s definitely a way to figure out your work load.

One Small Thing Per Day

Your dreams may seem big, but if you do one small thing every day that gets you closer to that dream; you’ll be there before you know it. Maybe you’re writing a book, what about a page per day? Setting yourself mini targets helps to relieve some of the pressure and keep things manageable.


I’m a self confessed Pinterest addict and I love the inspirational quotes I find on there. I save them all to a board called ‘mood’ and take a look through there every time I’m lacking motivation. You can also make boards of other things that inspire you, such as your dream house, dream car or a holiday destination. When you feel like giving up, just remember why you started in the first places


Practice Self Care

Everyone deserves a break every now and then, to avoid becoming burned out and stressed – give yourself a break doing what you enjoy best. For me, nothing makes me feel more relaxed than a bubble bath, a good skincare routine and an early night. For others, self care might be going out on the town. It’s different for everyone so find what makes you feel the happiest and at your most relaxed to keep yourself fresh and ready to take on the world!

Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction refers to the ability of being able to attract into our lives what we are focusing on. Simply put, all things turn into thoughts. If you focus on negativity, that’s what your life will become and vice versa. Stay optimistic and positive, stay around positive people and good vibes and positivity will come your way. The Law of Attraction is very interesting to read up on if you like that sort of thing. There are so many articles online and books to read.


What are your top ways to stay motivated? Let me know your top ways to keep on track.



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