An Interview With A Make Up Artist – Jaydeen Sarah Clark Spills The Tea On What It’s Like To Be A Make Up Artist in 2019

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a make up artist? Jaydeen Sarah spills the tea on life in the profession and the challenges on the way in my new post 🌈


Jaydeen Clark, a 22 year old from Sunderland, is a freelance make up artist who is currently studying for a Fashion, Theatrical and Media Hair and Make Up degree in Leeds.

With 15.4k Instagram followers (and counting) her following love her original content and unique designs. Jaydeen creates her own face charts from scratch and brings her trends to life. She also creates digital logos for brands and individuals like herself for £10 each. Many talents!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jaydeen about what it’s like to be a make up artist.

When did you first start wearing make up yourself?


When did you start doing it on other people?

I started at 17 and I only changed £5 for it. I was doing a-levels at the time and used make up as an escapism from the stress of studying, but then I realised I had a thing for make up artistry and I really loved doing it and I loved the way it made people feel after.

What was the hardest challenge going from that point to where you are now?

That would be seeing other people appear to go further than me, when I work ten times as hard. Self doubt is a major factor, that’s definitely a big challenge.

What’s the most rewarding element in being a make up artist?

I have different reasons for all the different sections of my work! From an Instagram perspective, I think big brands supporting me and sending me PR is amazing as it makes me feel really successful.

When I freelance, I love seeing my clients faces at the end when they’re happy over what I’ve done and seeing them take selfies and feel genuinely good about themselves!

In the fashion and film sector, it’s really rewarding to see my looks on TV or on a catwalk.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope that all of my dream brands recognise me and support me so that I can make a living from Instagram. I would love to be able to do it everyday. I would also love to be working within fashion shows and catwalks such as London Fashion Week. The main goal is to build up a big enough client base to be able to have my own studio and make everyone feel confident and beautiful everyday.

What’s your favourite make up brand and why?

My favourite make up brand would definitely be colorpop because the products are literally so pigmented and blend-able! They release a new set of products every single week or two, which gives us all inspiration to work with the colours.

They’re the only brand that have been so supportive so far. They don’t put people up to compete against each other on PR, if they think you’re worthy they’ll put you on the list, I love them for that.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start out as a make up artist?

I think just don’t look at your competition, you have your own talents that people would look up to, just keep going and shut out the voice in your head that tells you there’s no way you’ll make it.

I had the pleasure of Jaydeen doing my make up for my graduation day and I absolutely loved it! She does exactly what you ask but better. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Here is my graduation make up by Jaydeen.

Jaydeen’s links:

– Instagram:
– Facebook: jaydeensarah
– Use code 5JAYDEEN for money off colour pop cosmetics.

You can contact Jaydeen for a make up appointment or a digital logo design on her Instagram or Facebook page.

* all photos are curtesy of Jaydeen Sarah’s Instagram page.

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