The Eight Apps That All Bloggers Need

Today I have a post for bloggers or anyone working within the Social Media industry. These apps make blogging a doddle and are great for iPhones to blog on the go.


Any editing apps will suffice but this one is definitely my favourite. It often takes a while to play around with different filters on different apps to see what you like best and what fits the theme of your photos. I also really like Snapseed and VSCO. What I love about light room though is the ability to use different presets. I bought a pack of presets from an ad on Instagram for about £4 and I got 12 presets. I use these for everytime I edit my Instagram photos and I think it’s definitely worth it!

My presets are from LittleRabbitPresets.


I use Canva for creating high quality graphics with gorgeous templates which allow you to create what you like. Some extras you need to pay for, but I manage just fine on the free aspects. I use this to create Pinterest graphics, story cover highlights for Instagram and to make pretty quotes for the charity I work for, Raindrops to Rainbows.

You can see some of the quotes I’ve created on canva by heading to @raindropstorainbows on Instagram.


Influenster is a great app for bloggers as it has amazing opportunities to receive voxboxes filled with products to review. You review products or your ‘snaps’ to gain points, the more active you are, the more likely you are to receive a box. I have had the pleasure or receiving boxes from OPI and Rommel London through Influenster so I’d definitely recommend downloading this one!


This is one of my favourite apps for bloggers! You can sign up via the app and apply to be an ambassador for brands. Then, you complete missions for cash, gift card coins or points. This is the app I use for my Ideal of Sweden sponsorships, I’ve been working with them for over a year now, they’re amazing to work with and are so kind and helpful! There are so many more brands you can work with so it’s worth having a look. The phone case featured in these photos was actually gifted to me from Ideal of Sweden via a campaign from Brandbassador. You can use my discount code for 20% off any Ideal of Sweden products.

– Ideal of Sweden: SHOP *

(20% off discount code: ID20-TJ119 )

– sign up to Brandbassador: HERE


WordPress is what my blog is hosted on and it always has been, ever since it was Nude, Pink or Black. I’m always thinking of post ideas on the go and so I find the app really helpful for making drafts, writing posts when out and about and checking my stats daily and keeping up with comments.


Pinterest is something I’ve only recently started taking seriously. I used to just use it as a way to save pretty pictures but I’ve come to realise that it’s an amazing way to gain traffic to your website. Here’s a list on a few ways you can use Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog.

  • Create a board just for blog posts so people can be easily directed to your content – don’t over complicate things for your readers! Pin your recent posts with a summary and a great image to this board.
  • Pin pin pin! The more you pin, the more monthly visitors you will get to your Pinterest and therefore more people are likely to see your blog.
  • Create boards relevant to your blog content.
  • Link your blog in your bio.


Buffer is great for bloggers with a lack of time on their hands for constant posting. Buffer allows you to queue instagram, Pinterest, linked in, twitter and Facebook posts to keep up with your accounts.

This saves my life for Twitter because I’m always forgetting to tweet, and therefore losing followers! Whenever I get a tweet pop into my head I just add it to buffer and into a queue for later on!

Google Adsense

Having this app is great to stay on top of your ad progress for your blog on the go. It gives you the ability to see the revenue your blog is making through your Google Adsense, how the progress has came on since the previous day, the previous month and how much you have made all together.1

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful. Let me know your holy grail apps for blogging in the comment section!


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* Any links marked with an Astrix mean that they are affiliate links. This means that I will receive a small amount of commission from purchases made through this link. This does not cost you any more money.


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  1. This was such a helpful post! I have a few of these apps but the Influenster which sounds really great, I’m definitely signing up to that and also Brandbassador! Thanks for this post x

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