Our World Is Dying Before Our Eyes, But What Can We Do About It?

Together we can and will make a difference. 🌳

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I don’t know about anyone else but it seems wrong to sit here and discuss trivial matters such as make up and fashion whilst the rainforest burns in the Amazon. I desperately want to use the platform I have, however small, to influence even one person and educate about this matter.

According to the WWF, this year has already seen an 83% increase in fires since 2018, with a huge 73,000 recorded fires. This is caused by deforestation happening at an alarming rate.

Why should you care?

The amazon rainforest contains 10% of known wildlife species, although there are probably many more creatures waiting to be discovered.

We are in a climate emergency and we are the last generation that can do something about it. If you won’t do it for us, do it for our beautiful children that deserve to breathe fresh, clean air. We are running out of time to fix this, so everyone needs to do their bit. I’ve always cared deeply about the world we live in but since having my son that has only escalated. I fear so much for the future we are leaving for him and his children and their children to follow. Why should they pay for our mistakes and those of previous generations? I want him to be able to see earths creatures in real life and not just on photos after they have become extinct, I want him to breathe fresh, clean air, I want him to live in a world where he feels safe and protected. Educating our children from a young age about making healthier choices and respecting our planet is a fantastic way to start in order to prevent the next generation making the situation any worse. But we need to do our part now too.

The amazon is known as the lungs of the world for a reason, it contains approximately a third of the remaining rainforests left on the earth. This rainforest is the source of around 20% of the worlds oxygen.

We can’t fight against climate change without our rainforests.

Remember the media coverage and the donations and the outcry over the fire at Notre Dame? As horrific as that was to see, this is a lot worse. We aren’t just talking buildings, our world, our home, is literally in flames.

What can we do about it?

It’s easy to feel small and powerless in regards to matters as large as this. People often say to me, “one change won’t make a difference” when I talk about recycling, reducing meat consumption etc. But the truth is, if we all had that attitude nothing would ever change. It’s up to us to provide a safe world for our children and grandchildren to survive in. This has gone too far and enough is enough.

The vast majority of these fires are lit by humans to clear ground for cattle. This is NOT acceptable by any means. Nothing can be prioritised over the air we breathe and it’s time we stood up and fought for this.

You can help.

  • Sign the emergency petition created by WWF and support their attempt to bring the fires to the top of the UK Government’s G7 agenda. Sign – here
  • It’s up to us to show our outrage at this, to encourage governments and world leaders to protect our rainforest so that it can protect us. Share pictures on social media, educate others, tell your family and tell your friends. Share updates.
  • Donate to the WWF’s emergency appeal, or share it with others if you can’t – here this appeal is attempting to bring about stricter laws within the Brazilian government, to help tackle these fires and prevent this from happening ever again.
  • Eat sustainably. A lot of land within rainforests has been cleared in order to create room for farming meat and dairy. You can do this by opting for plant based foods, waste less food, use reusable bags, moderate meat consumption if you can’t go completely vegetarian or vegan. Did you know that if every family cut out one red meat meal per week it would be the equivalent of taking 16.8 million cars of the road for the environment? Surely we can all do ATLEAST that.

What’s happening right now?

Thankfully, due to international pressure, the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, has deployed his country’s army to assist in tackling the blaze and US President, Donald Trump has offered american assistance with the fight. It’s a step in the right direction and so we need to keep up the media coverage of this and not allow it to be forgotten about. It’s just too important not to fight for.

Together, we can do this.

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