Christmas Comes Early To Fenwicks Newcastle

Already in the festive mood? ☃️❄️ Here on I’m already in the spirit and we’re talking all things Christmas at Fenwicks 🎄


The instant the temperature drops and the summer is officially over, my mind is already on the festive season. To me, it’s the most magical time of the year, even more so now that I have a little one to share it with. Christmas is the ultimate family time season which makes it even more magical. Yes I know, Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet and my mind is already on festivities but for some reason, this year my Christmas spirit has definitely arrived early.

This week, I had a fabulous day out with my son and my best friend as we checked out the seasonal floor in Fenwicks, Newcastle. It really got me even more in the spirit of things and so I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re already feeling it!

In the heart of the seasonal floor is a to-die-for café with enough cakes to eat until your heart is content. The menu is dazzlingly festive with turkey sandwiches and Christmas lattes. There is also a specialist children’s menu, high chair availability and colouring pages for them. I always really appreciate when restaurants and cafes cater for children because as most parents will understand, eating out with children isn’t always easy!

Leo definitely enjoyed getting messy with a cupcake after his lunch before heading off for a spot of retail therapy!

Next on the agenda was looking at the beautiful decorations on display amongst the faux Christmas Trees!

It made me want to start planning the colour scheme for my tree already! This will be the first Christmas in our new home so I’m super excited to start decorating and buying our tree. I’ve already thought about where I’m going to put everything!

The seasonal floor is also filled with gift sections perfectly arranged for each recipient and a dedicated toy floor upstairs is also readily available. I managed to purchase a few bits to put away for Christmas for my little boy so I’m feeling pretty accomplished!

Fenwicks at Christmas really feels like a winter wonderland and something I’d definitely do again! I would recommend the cafe for sure, even just for coffee and cake to take a break from shopping!



Author: beccahargate

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