The Best Books To Read To Your One Year Old

If you read one book to your child each day, they will have read 1,825 books by their fifth birthday.


One of my favourite parts of my day is reading to my little boy. It’s such a great time to bond and spend time together at the end of a busy day.

I read a quote online not so long ago that said “if you read just one book to your child each day, they will have read 1,825 books by their fifth birthday”

I love that!

The Gruffalo

A classic, this is Leo’s favourite book! He loves anything Julia Donaldson for the rhyme and the fun throughout!

A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?


A Sick Day for Amos McGee

This is a lovely short story about friendship and the importance of helping out others when they need it most.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I remember having this read to me when I was a little girl so I love now reading this to Leo.


Where the Wild Things are

Leo LOVES the photos in this one, it’s been around for so long but never loses its spark to keep children interested.


The Lorax

Leo loves this because of the rhyming, but I love it because of the amazingly beautiful story each world tells about saving the planet one step at a time, and the consequences if we don’t. I feel that’s very important in this day and age. The story demonstrates how one person can be responsible for the condition of this earth and so we all must take care of it in every way we can.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.


Guess How Much I Love You

We adore this book, it’s a great one before bed so that your little one knows just how loved they are and they can go to sleep feeling secure and confident.

Then he lay down, close by and whispered with a smile, ‘I love you right up to the moon … and BACK’



I have a Peppa Pig obsessed little boy so he loves peppa pig books! We have 27 Peppa Pig books so far … and counting.

The Very Funny Frog

This is a pop up book and I feel like these type of books always have an ability to make children smile! Although, he does like to rip out the pages!


Hope you enjoyed this post!

All my love,

Becca x


The Blue Blood Palette By Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Review

What’s the tea on the coveted Blue Blood Palette? Read and find out 😇

Hello angels welcome back to my blog! Today I have another Jeffree Star Cosmetics review and I’m so excited! These are my favourite posts to write.

This 18 pan eyeshadow palette is presented in what can only be described as a coffin shaped blue box. It has a variety of cool toned mattes, shimmers and pressed pigments there to suit every look. This is for sure a blue, icier sister of the iconic Blood Sugar palette, which we all know and adore.

This palette looks very scary because all of the colours are pretty bold and out there, but remember that there’s no harm in trying new things – it’s just make up and after all, it washes off if you don’t like it!

So when I first started wearing make up at age 10, I would always, wear blue eyeshadow even when I was just going out to play with my friends, that was just my go to. So the Blue Blood has really brought that back and made me want to try blues again. (But with better blending)

You don’t see many palettes like this out there, which is why I have always adored Jeffree Star Cosmetics. There’s so much copy-catting in the beauty industry with more warmed toned eyeshadow palettes that you could even dream of. These palettes always take it to the next level which I love. It really pushes you to try new things out of your comfort zone!

The Shades

Cullian – an icy white/champagne shimmer that is fabulous for an inner corner or under brow highlight.

Mintea – probably one of my favourites because of how unique the shade is! I’ve never seen this anywhere else before.

Crystal Flesh – a bronze shimmer shadow, great for a natural, every day vibe.

I’m cold – another one of my favourites! I really love the pastel mattes in this one.

Untouchable – a beautiful matte baby pink.

Priceless – if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you’ll know how much I adore orange eyeshadow – this is a great one!

Power – a light grey, similar to some of the grey in the Alien palette but I think it also fits this colour story really well too. You don’t see a lot of matte greys anymore – so they’re always welcome with me!

Blue Blood – the shade that lent its name from the palette. I love this matte shade as I feel it really sums up the whole vibe of the palette.

Deceased – another really pretty shimmer. Mermaid vibes?

Ice Tray – a very icy (duh) blue shimmer.

Blue Monday – OK, the pigmentation on this one is insaaaane! This is a purpley blue shade, that normally doesn’t work very well with other brands, but this is iconic.

Flourishing – first of all, the shade name is fabulous, second, this is another really unique shade which I want to play around with more – if I can think of looks for it to go with!

Wealthy – this makes a great shade to set your eye primer or concealer with.

Celebrity Skin – we all know and love the lipstick with this name, the shadow is just as good! So pretty! This makes a great transition shade for pretty much any eye look.

Entitled – another mermaid type shade! This shimmer is a stunning hybrid of green and blue.

Ocean Ice – ok, I LOVE this shade but I must say this, because it’s a pressed pigment and not an actual shimmer shadow, it gets EVERYWHERE. If you’re going to use this shade, I definitely recommend using your finger and not a brush and also doing your eye make up before your face make up!

Cremated – an ashy matte that’s a great match with the purple and deep blue tones.

Undertaker – the darkest shade in the palette – and a beautiful matte.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend getting this palette if you’re looking for something a bit different to add to your collection. The shade range is second to none and you will adore the formula, if you liked blood sugar and the alien palette. Let me know if you pick this up – and what you think of it!


Blue Blood Palette – HERE

Goodbye Nude, Pink or Black

It’s time for a change.

Long time no see!! Hello angels.

You may – or may not – have noticed I’ve been absent from blogging for a longggg time. I’m sorry. The truth is, I got far too comfortable for my liking in the blogging world and a change was desperately needed. My blog, Nude, Pink or Black, just didn’t represent me anymore, I lost all desire in posting and that’s just not ok with me.

I started my blog in 2016, after becoming engrossed in the world of make up, it was my passion and my distraction from a lot of trauma and depression in my life at that time. I spent all my money on make up and all my free time watching tutorials. I always got questions from people I knew, worked with, or even didn’t know – about my make up. I.e, what products I used, brushes, steps of my routine etc. That’s what started the whole idea of blogging in my head. I wanted there to be somewhere I could direct people and share advice, reviews etc. I loved it. It was my passion! Somewhere along the line, things changed, I moved on to the world of fashion… but then … things changed forever. In the best way possible.

My life has changed, so my blog needs to change too.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in January 2018, he really is my everything. He takes up all of my time (which I love) but that left no space for blogging! Trying to find the time to sit and play with make up and share reviews became impossible. Honestly, now… my routine is a lot less dramatic and a lot quicker to accommodate for my boy. My life has changed a lot, for the better, but it has changed. So, my blog needs to change too.

My views have changed, my life has changed. So it makes sense, right? To share what I want to share, to include more parenting and lifestyle posts, but still sticking to my roots with beauty and fashion. I realised, why can’t I do all of that on one page? I think initially I thought nobody would be interested in all those things in one page. But really, I am interested in all those things and there’s got to be more people like me. Just because you have a baby (or several) doesn’t mean you can’t have passions and hobbies and things you enjoy! I could have a site where people come from all different places, to read all different types 0f content. That’s ok too.

My goal is simply to create things that people will enjoy reading, that makes me happy too. That represents me.

It’s a refresh. A fresh start! So you can expect two posts a week (minimum) from me on Wednesdays and Sundays – in the world of all things baby, fashion and beauty. I hope you stick with me for the ride! Let me know what you think about the new theme too. Lots of love.

I’m back bitches, and I’m back with a bang.