Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oreal Paris Collection | Beauty Review

Late last year, L’Oreal Paris released a beautiful collection in partnership with the late fashion mogul, Karl Largerfeld. Karl was arguably one of the worlds biggest and most influential creators within the world of fashion, so what happens when someone like Karl collaborates with a world wide beauty brand? Let’s find out.

The beauty collection was a project that was initiated before his unfortunate death in February 2019. Karl sketched the initial designs which was then finished by his talented team before it’s release during fashion week in September 2019. It consists of a nine pan eyeshadow palette, highlighter, eyeliners, mascara and lipsticks.


The packaging of these products was designed by Karl Lagerfield with his iconic monochromatic styling to give a tough of elegance to the designs. The style boasts a rock chic feel with a touch of Parisian vibes and of course it screams class, as does everything Karl has an influence on.

“A collection is not just one basic idea. It comes from something that is in the air, something you suddenly like and put down on paper and then work out”

Karl Lagerfeld

Eyeshadow Palette

The colour scheme represents a classic Karl rock chic vibe with a perfect balance of neutral shades and bolder hues. The disappointing thing is that the Karl imprint rubs off after one swatch – I was hoping it would stay on! But it seems it’s only on the top layer. The shades are really good quality for a drug store price point, they blend nicely together and have a lot of pigment.

I think with this palette you can create quite a few different looks that can take you from day to night. The muave and pink shades are definitely my favourites, however the silver shade is really lovely too.

Swatches done onto my arm with a dry clean finger.


I managed to get hold of the lovely highlighter that was brought out as part of this collection. It is a two part highlighter with a darker shade in the centre and a lighter shade surrounding.

The highlight is a lovely gold that gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It’s very buildable as well do if you wanted an extreme highlight (like I always do) you can build it up. I think the darker shade is a little too dark for me so I will be sticking to the lighter one, however for the summer months when I’m a little more bronzed I think it would be just enough if mixed with the lighter one.

The darker shade could of course be used as an eyeshadow also, there’s no rules within make up!


I got two beautiful shades from this collection which are Kultured and Karasmatic. The formulation of these lipsticks is very moisturising which leaves a satin and hydrating look to the lips. I almost always go for liquid lipsticks but I think it’s nice to go back to basics every now and then and have a classic lipstick. They glide on with ease and last a few hours before any retouching is needed. I’ve been wearing these with a lip liner to give the fuller lip effect and it works great with them.

I also love the shade names on these lipsticks with the K to the beginning of them, I think it gives the shades a very personal touch.

The lipsticks also have a lovely scent to them, they smell a little like lovehearts sweets!

“Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously”

Karl Lagerfeld

Final Thoughts

I think it’s fantastic that a brand like L’Oreal collaborate with big fashion houses to give us all a chance to experience the luxury at a drugstore price point. The collection is at great quality and you can tell that a lot of thought has went into the products. For many collaborations you can almost tell someone has just put their name to it – but this one you can really feel the time and effort that has went into each product and that reflects in the quality of each item.

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The Best Of NYX Cosmetics | My Top Picks

All my top picks from @nyxcosmetics 💞

NYX is one of those brands that bridges the gap between high end and drug store as their pricing and quality can fit all needs. Prices start from £2.99 and range all the way up to £24.99 so it is a very inclusive brand. I think it’s a brand that can be used no matter what your make up needs or skill sets are, from a regular make up user to a big shot make up artist and that’s why I believe the brand is so successful and popular.

This post marks a new series starting on my blog where I share my top picks from beauty brands from drug store to high street all the way up to high end!

Can’t Stop, Wont Stop Concealer (£8.00)

This concealer is great as it is so long lasting with a great coverage but without drying out your skin or looking cakey.

I love to use this in a light shade to highlight my under eyes and forehead, however more recently I’ve been loving this in a deeper shade to use to contour my face.

I dot this concealer around my forehead and cheek bones to contour, before blending out with a brush and setting in place with a bronzer. I feel like this a great concealer for anyone whether you’re a beginner or a professional make up artist. It’s a very creamy product that can be used in a multitude of different ways depending on your preference and it will last all day long without transferring.


Matte Bronzer (£8.00)

I’m always on the hunt for a good bronzer as I love to have defined cheekbones and add some colour to my very pale complexion! This bronzer is definitely one of my favourites as the colour is perfect for me and it blends out really well without using too much product of becoming patchy when it’s layered.


Matte Finish Setting Spray (£7.00)

photo credit : @nyxcosmetics on instagram

I’ve used NYX setting spray for years now off and on and it’s something I always find myself going back to. For such a low price point it works really well and always keeps my make up set in place for the whole day and night whilst keeping a matte finish on my face. It also comes in a few different finishes but matte has always been my favourite.


Lip Products

NYX lip liners are a fantastic product with a lovely creamy formula in a huge variety of different shades. I also love the soft matte lip creams (£6) for the sane reason of the huge variety of shades but also because they last for hours and are really hydrating. A lot of matte lip products can dry out your lips, especially in the colder months but I’ve never found this problem with these ones.

Another lip product from NYX that I reccomend is their gorgeous collection of butter gloss’. They have superb high shine that are bound to male a statement to any make up look.




Micro Brow Pencil (£9.00)

I’ve always loved brow pencils with a very thin applicator and always used either Benefit Precicley My Brow or Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz. I find that this Micro Brow Pencil is an amazing dupe of those two products for less than half the price. It lasts just as long as applies just as lovely.


What are your favourite NYX products? Be sure to let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading as always x

The Mini Controversy Palette By Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Shane Dawson | Review

Read my thoughts about the highly sought after Mini Controversy palette by Jeffree Star and Shand Dawson. 👁 ⭐️

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star literally broke the internet with the release of their highly sought after conspiracy collection, which proved to be too hot to handle.

The Youtube duo managed to break the websites of Morphe, Beauty Lish and Jeffree Star Cosmetics as Shopify struggled to manage the high demands of traffic as fans raced to the sites in a bid to get their hands on this new collection.

Of course, their seven part docuseries that followed the journey of initial bullet pointing to the creation and distributing of the collection may have been partly to blame for their high volume of success. Either way, they have a lot to be proud of with this unique concept.

The Shane X Jeffree collection included the Mini Controversy Palette ($28), Conspiracy Palette ($52), Pink and Black Make Up Bags ($40), Lip Balm ($18), Lip Gloss – Shane Glossin’ ($18), Pink Pig Hand Mirror ($30), Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle ($90), Black Pig Mirror ($30), Pink Pig Side Bag ($35), Travel Bag ($30), Black Pig Side Bag ($35), Accessories Bag ($30) and also six individual liquid lipsticks retailing for €18 each. I managed to get my make up loving hands on the Mini Controversy palette thanks to my BFF and her amazing Christmas presents! As soon as I manage to get the Conspiracy palette I will have a review up of that too because you know we love a JSC review on beccalouisee.com!

The colour story of this palette I think is just gorgeous because with the majority of JSC eyeshadow palettes, he loves to create a colour collection that is wearable but also encourages you to play around and experiment with different colours. It’s fun to play around with colours you wouldn’t normally reach for – remember it all washes off so there’s no harm in playing around!

Shade By Shade

  • Flat Earth – a stunning pale sky blue matte shade.
  • Cry on my couch – the perfect pale toned transition shade.
  • My Boyfriend’s Purse – this one is a champagne shimmer shade that I’ve been loving to use to highlight my inner corner and brow bone.
  • Controversy – I personally love the little tea imprint on the shade I think it’s really fun and cute. Purple shadows are notoriously difficult to manufacture so I always appreciate a good one, especially within a vegan formulation.
  • Diet Root Beer – This is a gorgeous warm toned matte brown shade which I think is great for building up some warmth into the crease. However, in the last instalment of the Shane Dawson series with Jeffree Star, we saw the pair contemplate removing this shade and replacing it with a highly demanded green shade which was previewed in the creation process.
Shade: Put It Back!
  • This shade caused a stir on social media as many fans wished that shade was included somewhere in the collection. The green shade which has been named, ‘Put It Back!’ will sit in place of this shade and Diet Root Beer will be moving up a space to replace Cry On My Couch. I adore the fact that Jeffree always listens to his consumers and their advice and requests for improvements, it’s great customer service and what gives the brand such a fantastic reputation that keeps customers and make up lovers coming back.
  • My Apology – This is a lovely shimmer tone with a warm brown/muave tint to it.
  • Exposed – a gorgeous pastel lilac matte shade.
  • Cancelled – this is a lovely blue matte with a gorgeous eye print on the pan.
  • The Simulation – This is the shimmering sister of cancelled with a deeper hue but equally as stunning!

Final Thoughts

I really love this palette and have been enjoying playing around with the different colours and also using it on a usual day for a natural look. The shades I think are stunning and as previously mentioned, I think the colours go really well together. The whole collection I think is genius and arguably the biggest make up launch to date and the most successful.

I’m hoping I can grab the Conspiracy palette on the next drop to complete my Jeffree Star eyeshadow palette collection and get a review up as soon as I can! I believe we’re looking at March / April for a restock so if you’d like anything then keep an eye on social media accounts for Jeffree Star and of course his retailers.

To the Test

I loved creating my first look with this palette! I used Diet Root Beer as a transition, Flat Earth to cut my crease and Controversy in the outer corner.

Thanks for reading as always.

Becca x

Jeffree Star Artistry Palette By Morphe | Review

CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, business owner, YouTube sensation and beauty mogul Jeffree Star has teamed up with Morphe for the collaboration we didn’t even know we needed. Jeffree Star isn’t often known for a collaboration, but morphe seem to have been able to change his mind this year. First a brush collection, then another, then an iconic strawberry scented setting mist, mini lipsticks and a palette complete with thirty brand new shades.


The packaging is that classic Jeffree Star baby pink with a duo chrome statement text over the front. I love how all of Morphe’s collaborations with influencers have had a huge obvious presence from them. You can tell he had a lot of input and didn’t just put his name to something without putting in the work.

Collaborations aren’t something that Jeffree does too often so I think Morphe have really struck lucky to have him involved with such a beautiful collaboration to this scale. Also to be blessed with two parts to this collaboration is just fantastic. I’d definitely didn’t expect a palette from them!

I adore all the campaign imagery for this collaboration as I think it really represents Jeffree’s personality and vibes – whilst also being very classic Morphe. I also think it gives a big nod to the boys in make up and that’s something I love to see represented, especially from a large company like Morphe as they obviously also had the collaborations with fellow beauty YouTuber, James Charles.

Let’s get to swatching with a shade by shade description, shall we?


All swatches were done with my finger onto my own arm with no primer or setting spray.


I love the concept behind this row as it’s the opening to every one of Jeffree’s iconic YouTube videos.

  • Welcome – a gorgeous shimmer that I love to use to highlight my inner corner and brow bone.
  • Back – a peachy pink matte shade .
  • To – this pink shimmer is one of my favourites! I do feel the shimmers apply best with your finger or a dry brush. When I use a dry brush, I simply spray the brush with setting spray after the shadow has already been applied to prevent ruining the shadow in the pan.
  • My – another fabulous pink matte that I think is very Jeffree!
  • Channel – a orange toned matte, perfect for a autumnal eye look.
  • *Wand Noise* – the shimmery accomplice shade to go with Channel.


  • Lynn – this shade is a perfect matte! I think every palette needs a light bone shade like this to set the eyes before applying eyeshadow.
  • 1985 – the year that Jeffree was born! This orange toned matte makes a perfect transition shade.
  • Mogul – this is a shade I don’t think I’ll really use as I don’t think I suit purple eyeshadows! However, it is a gorgeously formulates shadow that has a stunning colour pay off. Especially since purple shadows are apparently difficult to create.
  • Self Made – a stunning vibrant pink matte shade that really goes well with the colour story of the palette.
  • Dog Mom – another stunning shimmer shadow with a warm toned hue.
  • Honest Truth – this is a matte orange toned pale brown that would also make a fantastic transitional colour for any look.


  • Designer Label – since getting this palette I’ve been using this shade most days as it really is a dream eyeshadow for me. This one combined with ‘Rolls With It’ from the below row makes a perfect natural shimmer for a daily wearable look.
  • Mr Diva – an orange matte perfect for the crease. OG Jeffree Star fans will recognise the shade name for this one from his music career!
  • Boss Angeles – another shade that I’ve been using most days to deepen the crease.
  • Pink Fleet – a pink matte that again, I think is very classic Jeffree.
  • Calabasas – a red toned brownish matte shade.
  • Don’t Know Her – a very Regina George shade with a gorgeous pink sparkle.


  • Rolls With It – as previously mentioned, this is one of my most admired favourites.
  • Millions – this is a stunning pressed gold glitter that I think will be flawless in party season.
  • Girrrl- a stunning shimmery brown shade.
  • What’s The Tea? – a great shade for deepening the crease and shading the outer corners of the eyes for a smokey eye look.
  • Vroom Vroom – an almost charcoal coloured matte brown.
  • Custom Rims – I adore this silver shimmer and again, I think it will be fantastic for the approaches to party season make up looks.


This is the row that I think I’ll probably get the least wear out of, excusing the black! Greens for me aren’t too wearable but so fun to play around with. Always remember to experiment and push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes! Remember it’s only make up and it all washes off at the end of the day if you don’t like it – so no harm done!

  • Glam Rapids – a green toned shimmer.
  • Wake & Bake – a very pale green very similar to a shade in the JSC Androgyny palette called Military.
  • Nate – Jeffree’s boyfriend’s name, FYI. This shade is a very vibrant teal matte.
  • Drive Thru – a deep gold, almost brown shimmer. I love the name of this, as we all know from watching Jeffree’s videos, he loves a drive thru!
  • Hi Dude! – a gorgeous shimmery brown colour.
  • Fast Lane – this is a matte black which I think is so gorgeously made. A lot of black shadows tend to have a lot of fall out or go patchy during blending. However I found this one had zero fall out and blended like a dream without losing any of its pigment. I think this is the best matte black I’ve ever found.

Final Thoughts

Since receiving this palette, I’ve used it every single day! I love using the light mattes with the deep browns to create a blended crease and then I place Designer Label and Rolls With It on the lid for a natural shimmer look.

You can purchase this palette from an aray of retailers. I bought mine on Pretty Little Thing – here.


An Interview With A Make Up Artist – Jaydeen Sarah Clark Spills The Tea On What It’s Like To Be A Make Up Artist in 2019

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a make up artist? Jaydeen Sarah spills the tea on life in the profession and the challenges on the way in my new post 🌈

Jaydeen Clark, a 22 year old from Sunderland, is a freelance make up artist who is currently studying for a Fashion, Theatrical and Media Hair and Make Up degree in Leeds.

With 15.4k Instagram followers (and counting) her following love her original content and unique designs. Jaydeen creates her own face charts from scratch and brings her trends to life. She also creates digital logos for brands and individuals like herself for £10 each. Many talents!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jaydeen about what it’s like to be a make up artist.

When did you first start wearing make up yourself?


When did you start doing it on other people?

I started at 17 and I only changed £5 for it. I was doing a-levels at the time and used make up as an escapism from the stress of studying, but then I realised I had a thing for make up artistry and I really loved doing it and I loved the way it made people feel after.

What was the hardest challenge going from that point to where you are now?

That would be seeing other people appear to go further than me, when I work ten times as hard. Self doubt is a major factor, that’s definitely a big challenge.

What’s the most rewarding element in being a make up artist?

I have different reasons for all the different sections of my work! From an Instagram perspective, I think big brands supporting me and sending me PR is amazing as it makes me feel really successful.

When I freelance, I love seeing my clients faces at the end when they’re happy over what I’ve done and seeing them take selfies and feel genuinely good about themselves!

In the fashion and film sector, it’s really rewarding to see my looks on TV or on a catwalk.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope that all of my dream brands recognise me and support me so that I can make a living from Instagram. I would love to be able to do it everyday. I would also love to be working within fashion shows and catwalks such as London Fashion Week. The main goal is to build up a big enough client base to be able to have my own studio and make everyone feel confident and beautiful everyday.

What’s your favourite make up brand and why?

My favourite make up brand would definitely be colorpop because the products are literally so pigmented and blend-able! They release a new set of products every single week or two, which gives us all inspiration to work with the colours.

They’re the only brand that have been so supportive so far. They don’t put people up to compete against each other on PR, if they think you’re worthy they’ll put you on the list, I love them for that.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start out as a make up artist?

I think just don’t look at your competition, you have your own talents that people would look up to, just keep going and shut out the voice in your head that tells you there’s no way you’ll make it.

I had the pleasure of Jaydeen doing my make up for my graduation day and I absolutely loved it! She does exactly what you ask but better. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Here is my graduation make up by Jaydeen.

Jaydeen’s links:

– Instagram: instagram.com/jaydeensarah
– Facebook: jaydeensarah
– Use code 5JAYDEEN for money off colour pop cosmetics.

You can contact Jaydeen for a make up appointment or a digital logo design on her Instagram or Facebook page.

* all photos are curtesy of Jaydeen Sarah’s Instagram page.

Thanks for reading.

The Jawbreaker Palette By Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Review

ICONIC? Literally every single one of Jeffree’s releases blows me away every time – just when I can’t imagine it getting better, it does! This is the biggest eyeshadow palette that the brand has released with 24 pans instead of 18.

The shade range is beautiful and rainbow inspired but with a pastel take on the hues. It screams summer to me and I adore the theme!

In Jeffree’s reveal video on YouTube, he stated that “this palette is what rainbow wishes it could be. It’s rainbow but to the next level”

The collection also includes a mini eyeshadow palette entitled ‘mini breaker’x a highlighter palette called ‘Brain Freeze’, three new Supreme Frosts, six new liquid lipstick shades, ? Lip amunition, three lip scrubs, AND merchandise including mirrors, make up bags, tracksuits!


The entire collection of liquid lipsticks is wrapped in a neon green/ acid chartreuse. I love how the brand always change up their packaging for each release, it makes it feel so much more special. Of course, this eyeshadow palette has the print of a traditional jawbreaker sweet with shade names to match this adorable theme.


Jeffeee Star is a self confessed sugar addict which is where he found his inspiration for this palette. The packaging has a rainbow splatter just like jawbreakers but with the iconic staple JSC pink component. I was absolutely blown away by the pastel shades in this palette because is everything I’ve ever wanted! There are four rows of six shadows each with three formulas – matte, metallic and shimmers. These shadows are the same formula as the last three palettes, Thirty, Blood Sugar and Blue Blood.

“I really wanted to express that candy, larger than life feel”

The Shades

Of course, you can’t have a palette as bold and bright as Jawbreaker without the crazy shade names to match!

  • VIRGIN: bone yellow toned white matte. These types of shades are my favourite for a base shade.
  • GOOD MORNING: Fleshy pink matte
  • BUBBLEGUM: a baby pink matte colour.
  • WOW: four times brighter than the yellow in the Thirsty palette.
  • SUCK: a bright matte orange shade.
  • LIQUORISH: a pure matte red that Jeffree said didn’t make the Blood Sugar palette but he’s been holding on to it for this.

“It’s all about having fun and being creative”

  • CUTE: a gorgeous mint / pistachio green matte.
  • FUCK: another very vibrant matte orange that would be great to pair with suck and wow.
  • GUM DROP: this is probably one of my favourites! It’s a matte lilac and I’ve ALWAYS wanted a shadow in this colour!
  • SNACK: a honestly beautiful champagne pink shimmer.
  • BRAIN FREEZE: a matte pale blue similar to shades found in the coveted Blue Blood Palette.
  • JAWBREAKER: a pale icy white shimmer that would be great for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner.

  • AND WHAT?: a red shimmer shadow.
  • ORANGE JUICE: an orange shimmer shadow.
  • SOUR: a bright green matte that really suits its shade name.
  • SOAKED: a very dark navy matte.
  • RASPBERRY: a monsoon matte. This is a very autumnal shade but I feel it still works great in this palette due to all its firey hues.
  • COTTON CANDY: THIS. SHADE. So beautiful, so iconic, so Jeffree. I don’t even need to explain just LOOK AT IT.

  • LEMON DROP: a shimmer yellow – which I’ve never really seen done before!
  • BITE ME: purple shimmer shade.
  • CHERRY WET: vibrant red matte.
  • TASTY: a light brown great for a transition shade.
  • CONE: another light, transitional toned colour.
  • DELICIOUS: a deep navy blue matte.

All swatches done with my finger without primer.

To The Test

After spending so much time playing with these shadows in the palette, I think my favourite shade is definitely ‘Fuck’ due to its very intense neon pigmentation. For the look above, I used Gum drop in the crease and BubbleGum and Fuck on the lid. Under the eyes, I used Brainfreeze and Cute.

let me know what your favourite shades in the palette are in the comments!