Bare Minerals Well Rested Eye Brightener | Review

We’re all in need of creating the appearance of a full nights sleep – lets see if this product can conceal my dark circles!


I think we could all do with looking a bit more well rested recently, so this definitely caught my eye. With a mix of late nights and early starts, the bags under my eyes are definitely more prevalent than ever. My toddler has recently decided that sleep is for the weak so I’ve had my fair share of 5am starts!

What is it?

This is a mineral based eye brightening powder that has been specifically formulated to achieve the look that you’re a lot more alert than you actually are! Bare minerals is a brand I’ve always enjoyed, their brushes are fabulous and I adore their powder products! As soon as I clocked the ‘well rested’ description in the title, this product really was straight in my basket!

Bare Minerals tick a lot of boxes and so it’s a brand I would definitely recommend trying if you haven’t already – they believe that beauty and skincare products should be good for your skin and therefore they use clean formulas with natural ingredients derived from the earth, free of harsh chemicals, parabens, palm oil and phthalates. Bare Minerals are also a vegan and cruelty free brand that do not believe in animal testing. They have believed in these theories since their brand began 25 years ago!

The Claims

According to the description on the brands site, this product will diminish the appearance of morning drowsiness by hiding dark circles and creating the illusion of a well rested face.

My Results

This product is very brightening! It’s almost like a matte highlighter which ensures a natural looking highlight to the skin as apprised to a shiny / glittery one. I’ve been applying this with a flat brush (*) and dabbing onto my under eyes and the centre of my forehead to give my skin a concealed glow! The way I’ve been describing this to my friends is like real life Facetune!

I think this would be great to use when you’re feeling a little hungover or you’ve been unwell, if really does make your skin look a lot more healthy.

If you’re wanting to create a fully matte make up look but still have a glow to the skin, I think this product works great. It can be used to brighten up the skin, highlight the cheeks or even on a pencil brush under eye eyebrows and in your inner corner.

For £22, I think the amount of product you receive and the size of the packaging is definitely on the smaller side, I was expecting a typical powder sized product but it is really small! A little really does go quite a long way which helps though!


Bare Minerals Powder : SHOP

* The flat brush I use : SHOP *

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope you’re all staying safe and well. All my love, becca x

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Bling Boss By Jaclyn Hill And Morphe | Review

I’ve always been such a big fan of Morphe products, especially their eyeshadows. One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes of all time was the Morphe 35O2 palette.

For this, it’s a brand I always gravitate towards. Their eyeshadow palettes I feel are always consistently brilliant and their brushes are some of my favourites of all time.

Jaclyn Hill is a beauty influencer that has been affiliated with Morphe for a number of years. Now there was a little bit of drama when the vault collection was originally released due to some inconsistencies within the formulation of the shadows, which was noticed when the palettes were delivered through PR to beauty influencers. Morphe decided to delay the launch which I find pretty admirable – it would have cost them a lot of money to do this but ensuring a product is perfect before it reaches the consumer is something I think we can all respect and appreciate.


The eyeshadows come in a standard cardboard packaging with a mirror on the lid for easy application on the go. I think the design of this palette makes it perfect for travelling. We’ve all seen the large Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palettes and they are stunning but if you’re wanting something a little smaller to take on the go, I think this would work great.

You can purchase this palette either on its own or as part of the four palette vault collection with Morphe. The other three eyeshadow palettes include the ;

– Ring The Alarm palette – which is full of beautiful orange and pink toned shadows.

– Armed and Gorgeous palette – deep greens and yellows.

– Dark Magic palette – an array of forest greens and dark toned shadows.

The bling boss consists of ten shades all in the purple – pink realms with mattes and also shimmers. I think the individual colour stories of each of these little palettes is so beautiful!


  • Bling Bling – A gorgeous pink toned shimmer that is great for highlighting the inner corner and underneath the brows.
  • Hush Hush – a matte cool toned brown which works great as a transitional shade in the crease as a base for any look.
  • Gem – the brightest shade in the palette, a purple matte.
  • Pizzaz – a rust coloured shimmer.
  • Mystic – a dark brown toned matte.
  • Spark – a warm toned matte shade which I really have been loving!
  • Glitz & Glam – a champagne shimmer shade. I think this shade would be stunning with spark, rockstar and mystic around Christmas time for a super festive look.
  • Rockstar – I’ve been using this shade everyday recently as a berry shaded winged liner. I love the way it makes the eyes look, it’s as if I’ve had a brow lift! It’s subtle enough to look contoured but it still is super chic.
  • Ballsy – another pink shimmer shade.
  • Berry Treasure – a very dark, almost black brown with shimmers throughout.

Final Thoughts

I love the colour story of this palette as I think they can effortlessly take you from day to night depending on the look and intensity required. They are very easy to blend and always look seamless blended together or with other eyeshadows. As with most shimmer shades, I find the ones in this palette apply best with your finger or a damp brush to really grasp the full pigmentation of the shadow.

You can purchase this palette here and remember that you can use any of your favourite influencers discount codes for 10% off your order.

Is Liz Earle Skincare Really Worth Your Money? | Review

We’ve all seen Liz Earle on the shelf – but is it worth the hype? Read my review to find out 💞

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I am the ultimate skincare fanatic. I’m always trying new things and trying to adapt my routine to find what suits me and my skin the best.

My skin is normal – dry but I do get break outs sometimes so I have to be careful not to use anything that will make them worse.

At night when I’m winding down after a usually very long day, I like to feel relaxed and let all my worries wash away before I settle down for bed.

In the world of skincare, Liz Earle is one of the most sought after brands that has made a large impact on the beauty and skincare industry. It’s distinguished turquoise packaging makes the brand stand out on the shelf – the brand have won many awards and are a cult favourite amongst beauty influencers – but is it worth the hype?

Cleanse and Polish: Hot Cloth Cleanser (£17)

This product is a cream cleanser which deep cleanses the skin and gently exfoliates with the specialised cloth provided. This multi-award winning product suits all skin types which makes it such a staple in so many different people’s skin care routines. You can also use this to remove make up but I personally use a balm (this one) before I use the cleanse and polish.

The ingredients include cocoa butter, eucalyptus (one of my favourite scents in the world!), chamomile and rosemary – a cocktail of relaxing scents perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

The cleanser has made my face feel extra clean and smooth. It gives you that refreshed look that you need first thing in the morning for a little boost. It has completely revamped my skincare routine and my skin as a whole, keeping blemishes down to a minimum and hydrating my skin in ways that I never thought possible! After trying a multitude of products to remove blackheads – nothing quite worked but this product has made them all disappear. I think what makes this product work so well it’s it’s deep cleansing properties to really remove dirt away from the skin and keep it fresh and hydrated.

Gentle Face Exfoliator (£12.00)

This product contains a whole lot of moisture through its cocoa butter ingredient. Like Cleanse and Polish, this also contains Eucalyptus which makes it smell great! The smell is even stronger on this one which I personally just can’t get enough of!

To exfoliate, there are very fine jojoba beads killed into the product that gently buff away any dead skin cells that are present on the face to reveal a smooth and radiant complexion that is hiding underneath! I love how gentle it is, meaning I can use it every single day morning and night! It makes my skin super soft and brings out a glow in my skin that I honestly didn’t even know was ever there – I was just using the wrong products!

Instant Skin Boost Tonic (£16.00)

The skin boost tonic gives a refresh to your skin as it brightens its apprentice for a more radiant look. The naturally active ingredients such as aloe Vera, chamomile, cucumber and vitamin E, make your skin look and feel healthier with each use.

The best part of this toner is that it is alcohol free so it’s really gentle on your face. High amounts of alcohol in skin care products just dry out your skin which isn’t the look we’re going for! This toner also includes glycerin which works to keep moisture in your skin to keep your face hydrated.

Skin Repair Light Moisturiser (£22.00)

This moisturiser is curated with a balanced blend of naturally active ingredients such as borage oil, avocado oil and vitamin E. All of these products work together to bring back moisture to the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth. I’ve been really enjoying this as I feel it works great along side the toner. The two go hand and hand to give your skin that ultra silky feel. A little goes a long way with this one too which is always good when looking at the price point. One to two pumps can go round my whole face and neck.

I don’t see myself using any other skincare products after using these ones! They’ve completely changed my skin over the past four months of usage that I don’t ever want to go back to how it was before. My skin was never bad, but now I just feel it has a new lease of life!

Shop Liz Earle in Boots or online.

The Blood Lust Palette By Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Review

When you combine red and blue what do you get? Purple! So is only fitting that the third instalment of the Blood series from Jeffree Star Cosmetics is purple. This palette gives a somewhat vampy and gothic feel but in a high end fashion that screams luxury right down to its packaging.

The follow up to the internet breaking conspiracy palette is a gorgeous touch of purple to add to any make up lover’s collection.

JSC are always go hard or go home with their themes with Jeffree Star himself admitting in a recent video that he plans his collections as though he is planning an album.

The Blue Blood palette felt very regal and I feel the purple slots into that realm really well. The palette is made from real velvet and is shaped as a hexagon, which is completely different to anything I’ve personally ever seen before.

In Jeffree Star’s reveal video on his YouTube channel, he said that he created the outer packaging like a bumper around the palette to prevent any breakages during transmission and shipment of the product. Of course you can throw this away to save space, however I think It would be a good idea to keep if you’re planning of travelling with the palette.

The hexagon shaped palette is also complete with a jewellery clasp. I personally love how his packaging has clasps because it means my toddler can’t get into them! (Rip to my JSC alien palette, thanks Leo)

This palette includes some new formulas from the brand in the glittery shades. I’m all about the glitter so was super excited to give these a try.

  • Your Majesty – This is a bone white matte shade. These type of shades are a common feature in Jeffree Star’s palettes, dating right back to the first palette, Beauty Killer. I think they’re very necessary as I love to use them to set my lid everyday!
  • Take The Crown – A lilac shimmer shade.
  • Deviant – A matte lilac, similar to the lilac shade within the Jawbreaker palette but with a slightly different hue.
  • Beauty Sleep – lilac shimmer shade
  • Wet Jewel – This shade is one of the new formulas of glitter and I’ve really loved playing around with this one. I find it works best with your finger, which applies with most shimmer shades as they tend to pick up and transfer a lot better that way. I find if you use a wet brush then the glitter just becomes clumped, and a dry brush simply doesn’t pick it up.
  • Royal Pain – This shade reminds me of Tongue Pop from the Blood Sugar palette but with a more red tint to it than pink. It’s a pink matte shade that I found has worked really well to help blend out some of the darker purples.
  • Dungeon – A very dark purple matte shade, unlike anything is ever used before!
  • Scandal Water – This is a really light lilac matte with a beautiful imprint of a glass over the top. I love when he changes up his stamps to fit with his themes – I think it’s so fun!
  • Sworn Enemy – green glitter, the same formula as Wet Jewel.
  • Pink Magic – another beautiful new glitter formula.
  • Bleeding Heart – a red shimmer with a gorgeous heart and sword imprint.
  • Executioner – a black glitter shade, similar to black rainbow from the beauty killer palette.
  • High King – a warm toned purple with a stunning wand imprint on the pan
  • Vivid Mood – this is a lilac shade that I’ve been loving playing with!
  • Monarchy – this is a cool toned brown matte shade, it’s a bit dark for me but I’ve used it a few times as a starting transition or on the under eye.
  • Blood Queen – to me, this is what the palette is all about! The deep purple and the monarchy imprint.
  • Vile Serpent – this forest green is stunning and unlike anything else in my collection. I also love the snake imprint on this, very Gucci!
  • Betrayal – this is a lovely shimmer lilac that I’ve been using to highlight my inner corner a lot recently!

I really loved playing around with this palette as soon as it’s arrived. It really reinvigorated my adoration for make up which I feel can get lost in the everyday. I say this all the tome but I think it’s really important to step away from what you’re used to and just have fun every once in a while!

I created a purple cut crease on the lid and for the clouds I used some of the lilac shades and then the whiteish shade I adore, Your Majesty. On my lips I placed the shade Wet Jewel over a Soap and Glory lip gloss and J love the shine it gave me! I also used that shade as highlighter too.

I filmed the creation of this make up look for my YouTube channel! You can watch the video here.

Thank you so much for reading today. Let me know if you’re thinking of picking this palette up!

You can purchase it HERE (uk) and HERE (usa)

Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oreal Paris Collection | Beauty Review

Late last year, L’Oreal Paris released a beautiful collection in partnership with the late fashion mogul, Karl Largerfeld. Karl was arguably one of the worlds biggest and most influential creators within the world of fashion, so what happens when someone like Karl collaborates with a world wide beauty brand? Let’s find out.

The beauty collection was a project that was initiated before his unfortunate death in February 2019. Karl sketched the initial designs which was then finished by his talented team before it’s release during fashion week in September 2019. It consists of a nine pan eyeshadow palette, highlighter, eyeliners, mascara and lipsticks.


The packaging of these products was designed by Karl Lagerfield with his iconic monochromatic styling to give a tough of elegance to the designs. The style boasts a rock chic feel with a touch of Parisian vibes and of course it screams class, as does everything Karl has an influence on.

“A collection is not just one basic idea. It comes from something that is in the air, something you suddenly like and put down on paper and then work out”

Karl Lagerfeld

Eyeshadow Palette

The colour scheme represents a classic Karl rock chic vibe with a perfect balance of neutral shades and bolder hues. The disappointing thing is that the Karl imprint rubs off after one swatch – I was hoping it would stay on! But it seems it’s only on the top layer. The shades are really good quality for a drug store price point, they blend nicely together and have a lot of pigment.

I think with this palette you can create quite a few different looks that can take you from day to night. The muave and pink shades are definitely my favourites, however the silver shade is really lovely too.

Swatches done onto my arm with a dry clean finger.


I managed to get hold of the lovely highlighter that was brought out as part of this collection. It is a two part highlighter with a darker shade in the centre and a lighter shade surrounding.

The highlight is a lovely gold that gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It’s very buildable as well do if you wanted an extreme highlight (like I always do) you can build it up. I think the darker shade is a little too dark for me so I will be sticking to the lighter one, however for the summer months when I’m a little more bronzed I think it would be just enough if mixed with the lighter one.

The darker shade could of course be used as an eyeshadow also, there’s no rules within make up!


I got two beautiful shades from this collection which are Kultured and Karasmatic. The formulation of these lipsticks is very moisturising which leaves a satin and hydrating look to the lips. I almost always go for liquid lipsticks but I think it’s nice to go back to basics every now and then and have a classic lipstick. They glide on with ease and last a few hours before any retouching is needed. I’ve been wearing these with a lip liner to give the fuller lip effect and it works great with them.

I also love the shade names on these lipsticks with the K to the beginning of them, I think it gives the shades a very personal touch.

The lipsticks also have a lovely scent to them, they smell a little like lovehearts sweets!

“Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously”

Karl Lagerfeld

Final Thoughts

I think it’s fantastic that a brand like L’Oreal collaborate with big fashion houses to give us all a chance to experience the luxury at a drugstore price point. The collection is at great quality and you can tell that a lot of thought has went into the products. For many collaborations you can almost tell someone has just put their name to it – but this one you can really feel the time and effort that has went into each product and that reflects in the quality of each item.

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The Mini Controversy Palette By Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Shane Dawson | Review

Read my thoughts about the highly sought after Mini Controversy palette by Jeffree Star and Shand Dawson. 👁 ⭐️

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star literally broke the internet with the release of their highly sought after conspiracy collection, which proved to be too hot to handle.

The Youtube duo managed to break the websites of Morphe, Beauty Lish and Jeffree Star Cosmetics as Shopify struggled to manage the high demands of traffic as fans raced to the sites in a bid to get their hands on this new collection.

Of course, their seven part docuseries that followed the journey of initial bullet pointing to the creation and distributing of the collection may have been partly to blame for their high volume of success. Either way, they have a lot to be proud of with this unique concept.

The Shane X Jeffree collection included the Mini Controversy Palette ($28), Conspiracy Palette ($52), Pink and Black Make Up Bags ($40), Lip Balm ($18), Lip Gloss – Shane Glossin’ ($18), Pink Pig Hand Mirror ($30), Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle ($90), Black Pig Mirror ($30), Pink Pig Side Bag ($35), Travel Bag ($30), Black Pig Side Bag ($35), Accessories Bag ($30) and also six individual liquid lipsticks retailing for €18 each. I managed to get my make up loving hands on the Mini Controversy palette thanks to my BFF and her amazing Christmas presents! As soon as I manage to get the Conspiracy palette I will have a review up of that too because you know we love a JSC review on!

The colour story of this palette I think is just gorgeous because with the majority of JSC eyeshadow palettes, he loves to create a colour collection that is wearable but also encourages you to play around and experiment with different colours. It’s fun to play around with colours you wouldn’t normally reach for – remember it all washes off so there’s no harm in playing around!

Shade By Shade

  • Flat Earth – a stunning pale sky blue matte shade.
  • Cry on my couch – the perfect pale toned transition shade.
  • My Boyfriend’s Purse – this one is a champagne shimmer shade that I’ve been loving to use to highlight my inner corner and brow bone.
  • Controversy – I personally love the little tea imprint on the shade I think it’s really fun and cute. Purple shadows are notoriously difficult to manufacture so I always appreciate a good one, especially within a vegan formulation.
  • Diet Root Beer – This is a gorgeous warm toned matte brown shade which I think is great for building up some warmth into the crease. However, in the last instalment of the Shane Dawson series with Jeffree Star, we saw the pair contemplate removing this shade and replacing it with a highly demanded green shade which was previewed in the creation process.
Shade: Put It Back!
  • This shade caused a stir on social media as many fans wished that shade was included somewhere in the collection. The green shade which has been named, ‘Put It Back!’ will sit in place of this shade and Diet Root Beer will be moving up a space to replace Cry On My Couch. I adore the fact that Jeffree always listens to his consumers and their advice and requests for improvements, it’s great customer service and what gives the brand such a fantastic reputation that keeps customers and make up lovers coming back.
  • My Apology – This is a lovely shimmer tone with a warm brown/muave tint to it.
  • Exposed – a gorgeous pastel lilac matte shade.
  • Cancelled – this is a lovely blue matte with a gorgeous eye print on the pan.
  • The Simulation – This is the shimmering sister of cancelled with a deeper hue but equally as stunning!

Final Thoughts

I really love this palette and have been enjoying playing around with the different colours and also using it on a usual day for a natural look. The shades I think are stunning and as previously mentioned, I think the colours go really well together. The whole collection I think is genius and arguably the biggest make up launch to date and the most successful.

I’m hoping I can grab the Conspiracy palette on the next drop to complete my Jeffree Star eyeshadow palette collection and get a review up as soon as I can! I believe we’re looking at March / April for a restock so if you’d like anything then keep an eye on social media accounts for Jeffree Star and of course his retailers.

To the Test

I loved creating my first look with this palette! I used Diet Root Beer as a transition, Flat Earth to cut my crease and Controversy in the outer corner.

Thanks for reading as always.

Becca x