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I am that friend who always has to be told not to overdress, I can’t help myself – casual isn’t always in my nature as I’m quite dramatic at the best of times, which often reflects in my outfit. I’m always in need of tips to style down my more dramatic style items!


To get the most out of your clothes, you want to make sure you can style each item with a few different outfits. Dresses are a hard one because they are typically for formal wear or something a little bit extra.

I am that friend who always has to be told not to overdress, I can’t help myself – casual isn’t always in my nature as I’m quite dramatic at the best of times, which often reflects in my outfit. I’m always in need of tips to style down my more dramatic style items!

In this post I’ve listed a few ways you can style down a dress like a cami / bodycon dress to get a lot more wear out of the ones you have in your wardrobe!

Perfecting the art of styling up and down outfits can completely revamp your wardrobe. Any rules about fashion are made to be broken so don’t fear stepping outside your comfort zone every now and then and trying something new!

1. Layering

My favourite way to style down a dress is to layer it over a t shirt of jumper. Adding this extra layer underneath adds modesty and creates a more everyday, wearable vibe. It’s a touch of glam but also a comfortable fit. This would work well with a roll neck black jumper too, for the colder mornings we’re often blessed with at this time of year.

2. A Cosy Knit Fit

Dresses are a versatile item that can be switched up depending on your occasion. Another way to style down your dress is to add a jumper over the top of your outfit instead of underneath. This gives the appearance that you’re wearing a skirt as the top layer is hidden by your knitwear.

Speaking of knitwear, how about teaming your bodycon with a longline cardigan, tights and boots? Thats a sure fire way to style down your outfit while still keeping warm, cosy and bang on trend.

3. Footwear Choices

The tone of your outfit is often set off by the choice of footwear, for example this outfit with trainers I think makes it look quite casual, however with a pair of heels it turns it into a whole new smartly seductive vibe.

4. Outerwear

Your choice of outwear is key in finishing the overall look and feel of your outfit. For example, a cardigan or denim jacket would tone an outfit right down. Whereas your favourite faux fur number may be pushing it back to the side of a Friday night clubbing fiasco.

A dress with a denim jacket is a great way to keep it casual throughout the sumner months. Or how about an oversized blazer and your favourite pair or trainers?

Keep it fun and play around with the styles and fits you have in your wardrobe!

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The Reasons Why Animal Print Fashion Is Here To Stay

Why animal print is here to stay 🐾

Certain trends come and go as the seasons change and we welcome new releases every week in the fast fashion industry. Animal print is one of those styles that never seems to go out of fashion – and rightly so!

There are so many variations of animal print from tropical vibes to zebra and leopard print to the recently emerged designs in cow prints. There’s something for everyone of all age groups and walks of life and that’s why it’s a perfect trend to stay forever.

Today we’re talking all things animal print so saddle up for the ride. (Faux ofcourse)



Cow Print Dress: MissGuided – SHOP

Boots: New Look – SIMILAR

Cow Print

I’m loving this monochrome take on the animal print vibe as I think it brings something completely different to the game. I’ll admit when I first saw it popping up on the high street and in the new in sections on our favourite fashion apps, I wasn’t convinced. It first appears a little too wild but with the right styling I think it can be really cute and classy. I paired this cow print bandeau dress with a knitted roll neck for a more autumnal and classy feel.

Leopard Print

This is an oldie but a goldie and one I find my self reaching out for at every season. It’s a timeless classic that can’t be beaten and one that I think will always be in my wardrobe.

Snake Print

I love this style for accessorising! I think a gorgeous snake print bag with an otherwise plain outfit really brings a touch of class and a secondary dimension to any outfit.

Zebra Print

Another stunning monochrome vibe with a touch of jungle fever. Again, I think this is a perfect print for accessorising a plain or all black outfit in the world of shoes and bags.

Whats our favourite animal print? Be sure to let me know in the comments. xoxo


Straight From The Runway: Get The Fashion Month Styles For Less

Want to get the iconic fashion month trends for less? Check my post with the latest designer dupes and trends to watch out for this season 💓

We’re fast approaching the end of fashion month; however there are so many major runways still yet to be walked and so many styles ready for us to fall in love with. Before we drown from fashion overload, let’s have a recap of the current styles we’ve seen so far this month that we should definitely be inputting into our wardrobes this season. Whether from the designers themselves or from a dupe on the high street.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos used in this post. All rights and credits go to their respective owners.


They’re not just for superheroes! When I think of capes I always think back to Blair Waldorf wearing those Trina Turk and Moncler capes all those years ago.

Think flowing capes as a killer outerwear trend this autumn. The sleeveless silhouette may appear intimidating and unwearable but they can be effortlessly chic with the right styling. Chanel, Prada, Chloé, Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu have all sported capes on their runways this season, but you don’t have to break the bank to get the look. Warehouse has a stunning animal print cape for only £35.00, Pretty Little Thing and Missguided are designing blazers with a designer inspired cape sleeve. Soon, we will see capes all over the high street and I for one, can’t wait.

Maison Margiela. Source: Harper’s Bazaar.

Ruffle Blouses

Blouses are a great way to look formal and smart but still keep a casual vibe if worn with jeans. Blouses with a little bit of ruffle add a gorgeous 3D, romantic dimension to your look. I purchased mine from Zara two years ago so I’m so glad to see their return.

image source: VOGUE
image source: VOGUE

Christian Dior’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri reportedly turned to nature for her inspiration for the latest Spring 2020 ready to wear collection, hence the romantic style blouses, botanical feel and a nature inspired runway, in order to raise awareness for the climate crisis. Milan was a wave of jungle imagery for this show and I think it was just the right backdrop for this season. Similar high street finds can also be found at Warehouse, Boohoo, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and SHEin.

Mini Florals

Missoni blessed us with a new type of floral during Milan Fashion Week. Sometimes florals can be overpowering and some what frumpy. However, I think the smaller print is extremely flattering and perfect for a younger audience wanting to add a botanical vibe to their wardrobe without it looking dated. A gorgeous mini floral dress can be found on ASOS by Weekdays Girl. Along with this stunning button down midi skirt by Daisy Street.

Missoni. Image source: Harper’s Bazaar.

Tropical Vibes

Versace pulled it out the bag this year as always with their show stopping walk by the one and only J-LO. Rocking a jungle print gown that flowed like no other. The dress that is typically known as ‘that dress’ rocked the front row. First worn in 2000, it’s no stranger to the catwalk, however it still has the same impact it always has, even 19 years later. I anticipate that we will see many high street dupes of this print within the coming months.

Versace. Jenifer Lopez. Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar.

ASOS have similar prints in a maxi style like this one and they also have tropical print bikini cover ups, to die for co-ords and fabulous culottes by Stradivardus.

Dolce & Gabbana. Image source: Vogue.

Beige Utility

I adore the utility vibe on this piece and of course the gorgeous tailoring of this two piece ensemble. The suit trend is definitely here to stay and I’m so happy about that! A very very similar utility style top can be found on ASOS for only £35. Pull & Bear also have a similar one in a lighter shade for £29.99. I’m all about power dressing and wearing tailored clothing so this Dolce and Gabbana look is my favourite from fashion month so far!

What are your favourite looks from fashion month? Be sure to let me know!

Meet The Mum Behind Tailored Tinkers | An Interview With Lyndsey Page

I chat to Lyndsey Page about her brand, Tailored Tinkers, and what it’s like to run a business while raising her daughter, Naomi.

Lyndsey Page may have fallen pregnant during her final year of University, but that didn’t stop her from following her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

The 25-year-old is a Fashion Design and Marketing Graduate from Newcastle, who has her own business, Tailored Tinkers. Her brand specialises in the design and creation of handmade clothing for children, ranging in sizes from newborn to eight years old. 

The talented mother took a year out of her degree at Newcastle University where she studied fashion design and marketing, to give birth to her now two-year-old daughter, Naomi. With more time on her hands, the fashion designer started her business.

When her daughter turned one, Lyndsey returned to her studies to finish her degree, before starting Tailored Tinkers back up again. Lyndsey describes the year as a whirlwind!

Of course, running a business and raising daughter at the same time doesn’t come easy, “it’s very stressful at times” Lyndsey said, “at the same time though, it’s very handy because I have a guinea pig to test out all the clothes and sizing on her,

“It’s harder as she gets older because she used to be happy on her play mat, but now she wants to join in so I have to keep her busy with her pencils and paper. I always restrict my orders so I can fit them in while she’s at nursery or on a nighttime when she’s asleep. I try not to work when I have her as I always get Mam guilt so I have to leave time to play with her.”

When asked what the most rewarding part of her business, she told me that it’s in fact raising awareness for The Rainbow Trust charity, which works to support children who are terminally ill or have a life threatening condition. They bring support and help to families who so desperately need it, with Lyndsey claiming “for each garment I sell, 5% of the profit goes to the charity. It’s an amazing charity and if anything ever happened to Naomi, I know I would love the support they give to their patients.”

She continued, “another proud moment is when I was doing my A/W photoshoot, I got a mixed variety of children to model and one of the boys had down syndrome. (pictured below) He was so good at taking photos that his mam put the photos forward to the agency that shoots for River Island and Topshop! Now he’s got offers for more photo shoots, so I was over the moon about that.”

What’s the hardest part?
Definitely organising everything to fit it all in. It’s just me running the business so I have to do the research, designing, comparison with competitors, make the garments and then market it to the right audience and then do all the promotions. It’s a lot, but I enjoy it. I think the key is to just keep going. I have off days where I have lost interest and wonder why on earth I do it, but other days you just feel so proud of how far you’ve came and it gives you another kick up the bum!

How do you find inspiration?
I find it from all over to be honest! I mainly get inspired from clothes that adults wear, children’s clothes always have little patterns on or are made so the child is attracted to it, I wanted to make my collection quite plain but if it was in a bigger size, the adult would want to buy it. I also get slot of inspiration from the Kardashians children, they always wear oversized and comfortable clothes. My aim was always to make comfortable and practical clothes that are stylish. Especially when it’s for children as you don’t need something over the top if it’s going to have beans all over it by the end of the day!


* photos belong to Tailored Tinkers *

Lyndsey’s instagram: HERE

Tailored Tinkers Instagram: HERE

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