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Ever thought about sending a virtual card? Paperless post makes it a breeze to do just that at a few taps of your screen.


* Disclaimer – this post was made in collaboration with Paperless Post. I was gifted coins to use on their site. All opinions are my own *

We are living in a digital age where most of our lives are online. With everything we need at the touch of a button, often it’s a lot easier to contact our friends through digital outlets.

Wedding invitations are also available to be created with Paperless Post with collaborative designs by Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade, Vera Wang. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will know how expensive weddings are and invitations are no exception to the rule. With paperless post, this can really cut the cost and of course make things easier with just a few taps of a button, you can create elegant designs and email them to your wedding guests.

There are a multitude of templates to choose from for all kinds of occasions, such as gatherings, parties, birthdays, christmas, new baby arrival, hen party, wedding and so much more.

As a nation, I feel we are all trying to do our bit to prevent wastage as we look out for our planet. Thousands of Christmas cards are sent every year, perhaps millions which ofcourse, is a lot of paper. Paperless post are a great way to introduce a digital Christmas card to send to our friends and family to avoid the clutter of cards spread across our mantles and of course the endless wastage that comes with the festive season.

I really enjoyed creating my first card with paperless post. I opted to send a friend of mine a get well soon card as she had been feeling under the weather for a number of days. I found the process incredibly easy as I downloaded the free app which is so easy to use!

I loved the ability to customise the virtual envelope and liner it arrives in.

I feel this ability just helps to make it that bit more personal and unique.

Another feature I found really useful is the ability to track the delivery of your invites or greetings card. You can also see when they have been opened!

I also decided to do some Christmas cards for members of my family and my nearest and dearest. I loved being able to personalise this one with our names on the front to make it a little more extra special! I thought the festive envelope liners were gorgeous too. I opted for the super cute penguins for the inside of mine!

I would definitely recommend paperless post to anyone sending a lot of invites for a special occasion such as a party or a wedding. I also think it would be a lovely way to simply let someone know you’re thinking of them, in a way that’s beautifully created and personalised to them.

You can use their website online or download their free app to get started today. Happy posting!

Check out paperless post at

Thank you again to paperless post for gifting me the coins to use on your site. As always, all opinions are my own and this gift does not affect my views.



Jeffree Star Artistry Palette By Morphe | Review

CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, business owner, YouTube sensation and beauty mogul Jeffree Star has teamed up with Morphe for the collaboration we didn’t even know we needed. Jeffree Star isn’t often known for a collaboration, but morphe seem to have been able to change his mind this year. First a brush collection, then another, then an iconic strawberry scented setting mist, mini lipsticks and a palette complete with thirty brand new shades.


The packaging is that classic Jeffree Star baby pink with a duo chrome statement text over the front. I love how all of Morphe’s collaborations with influencers have had a huge obvious presence from them. You can tell he had a lot of input and didn’t just put his name to something without putting in the work.

Collaborations aren’t something that Jeffree does too often so I think Morphe have really struck lucky to have him involved with such a beautiful collaboration to this scale. Also to be blessed with two parts to this collaboration is just fantastic. I’d definitely didn’t expect a palette from them!

I adore all the campaign imagery for this collaboration as I think it really represents Jeffree’s personality and vibes – whilst also being very classic Morphe. I also think it gives a big nod to the boys in make up and that’s something I love to see represented, especially from a large company like Morphe as they obviously also had the collaborations with fellow beauty YouTuber, James Charles.

Let’s get to swatching with a shade by shade description, shall we?


All swatches were done with my finger onto my own arm with no primer or setting spray.


I love the concept behind this row as it’s the opening to every one of Jeffree’s iconic YouTube videos.

  • Welcome – a gorgeous shimmer that I love to use to highlight my inner corner and brow bone.
  • Back – a peachy pink matte shade .
  • To – this pink shimmer is one of my favourites! I do feel the shimmers apply best with your finger or a dry brush. When I use a dry brush, I simply spray the brush with setting spray after the shadow has already been applied to prevent ruining the shadow in the pan.
  • My – another fabulous pink matte that I think is very Jeffree!
  • Channel – a orange toned matte, perfect for a autumnal eye look.
  • *Wand Noise* – the shimmery accomplice shade to go with Channel.


  • Lynn – this shade is a perfect matte! I think every palette needs a light bone shade like this to set the eyes before applying eyeshadow.
  • 1985 – the year that Jeffree was born! This orange toned matte makes a perfect transition shade.
  • Mogul – this is a shade I don’t think I’ll really use as I don’t think I suit purple eyeshadows! However, it is a gorgeously formulates shadow that has a stunning colour pay off. Especially since purple shadows are apparently difficult to create.
  • Self Made – a stunning vibrant pink matte shade that really goes well with the colour story of the palette.
  • Dog Mom – another stunning shimmer shadow with a warm toned hue.
  • Honest Truth – this is a matte orange toned pale brown that would also make a fantastic transitional colour for any look.


  • Designer Label – since getting this palette I’ve been using this shade most days as it really is a dream eyeshadow for me. This one combined with ‘Rolls With It’ from the below row makes a perfect natural shimmer for a daily wearable look.
  • Mr Diva – an orange matte perfect for the crease. OG Jeffree Star fans will recognise the shade name for this one from his music career!
  • Boss Angeles – another shade that I’ve been using most days to deepen the crease.
  • Pink Fleet – a pink matte that again, I think is very classic Jeffree.
  • Calabasas – a red toned brownish matte shade.
  • Don’t Know Her – a very Regina George shade with a gorgeous pink sparkle.


  • Rolls With It – as previously mentioned, this is one of my most admired favourites.
  • Millions – this is a stunning pressed gold glitter that I think will be flawless in party season.
  • Girrrl- a stunning shimmery brown shade.
  • What’s The Tea? – a great shade for deepening the crease and shading the outer corners of the eyes for a smokey eye look.
  • Vroom Vroom – an almost charcoal coloured matte brown.
  • Custom Rims – I adore this silver shimmer and again, I think it will be fantastic for the approaches to party season make up looks.


This is the row that I think I’ll probably get the least wear out of, excusing the black! Greens for me aren’t too wearable but so fun to play around with. Always remember to experiment and push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes! Remember it’s only make up and it all washes off at the end of the day if you don’t like it – so no harm done!

  • Glam Rapids – a green toned shimmer.
  • Wake & Bake – a very pale green very similar to a shade in the JSC Androgyny palette called Military.
  • Nate – Jeffree’s boyfriend’s name, FYI. This shade is a very vibrant teal matte.
  • Drive Thru – a deep gold, almost brown shimmer. I love the name of this, as we all know from watching Jeffree’s videos, he loves a drive thru!
  • Hi Dude! – a gorgeous shimmery brown colour.
  • Fast Lane – this is a matte black which I think is so gorgeously made. A lot of black shadows tend to have a lot of fall out or go patchy during blending. However I found this one had zero fall out and blended like a dream without losing any of its pigment. I think this is the best matte black I’ve ever found.

Final Thoughts

Since receiving this palette, I’ve used it every single day! I love using the light mattes with the deep browns to create a blended crease and then I place Designer Label and Rolls With It on the lid for a natural shimmer look.

You can purchase this palette from an aray of retailers. I bought mine on Pretty Little Thing – here.


The Reasons Why Animal Print Fashion Is Here To Stay

Why animal print is here to stay 🐾

Certain trends come and go as the seasons change and we welcome new releases every week in the fast fashion industry. Animal print is one of those styles that never seems to go out of fashion – and rightly so!

There are so many variations of animal print from tropical vibes to zebra and leopard print to the recently emerged designs in cow prints. There’s something for everyone of all age groups and walks of life and that’s why it’s a perfect trend to stay forever.

Today we’re talking all things animal print so saddle up for the ride. (Faux ofcourse)



Cow Print Dress: MissGuided – SHOP

Boots: New Look – SIMILAR

Cow Print

I’m loving this monochrome take on the animal print vibe as I think it brings something completely different to the game. I’ll admit when I first saw it popping up on the high street and in the new in sections on our favourite fashion apps, I wasn’t convinced. It first appears a little too wild but with the right styling I think it can be really cute and classy. I paired this cow print bandeau dress with a knitted roll neck for a more autumnal and classy feel.

Leopard Print

This is an oldie but a goldie and one I find my self reaching out for at every season. It’s a timeless classic that can’t be beaten and one that I think will always be in my wardrobe.

Snake Print

I love this style for accessorising! I think a gorgeous snake print bag with an otherwise plain outfit really brings a touch of class and a secondary dimension to any outfit.

Zebra Print

Another stunning monochrome vibe with a touch of jungle fever. Again, I think this is a perfect print for accessorising a plain or all black outfit in the world of shoes and bags.

Whats our favourite animal print? Be sure to let me know in the comments. xoxo


Christmas Comes Early To Fenwicks Newcastle

Already in the festive mood? ☃️❄️ Here on I’m already in the spirit and we’re talking all things Christmas at Fenwicks 🎄

The instant the temperature drops and the summer is officially over, my mind is already on the festive season. To me, it’s the most magical time of the year, even more so now that I have a little one to share it with. Christmas is the ultimate family time season which makes it even more magical. Yes I know, Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet and my mind is already on festivities but for some reason, this year my Christmas spirit has definitely arrived early.

This week, I had a fabulous day out with my son and my best friend as we checked out the seasonal floor in Fenwicks, Newcastle. It really got me even more in the spirit of things and so I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re already feeling it!

In the heart of the seasonal floor is a to-die-for café with enough cakes to eat until your heart is content. The menu is dazzlingly festive with turkey sandwiches and Christmas lattes. There is also a specialist children’s menu, high chair availability and colouring pages for them. I always really appreciate when restaurants and cafes cater for children because as most parents will understand, eating out with children isn’t always easy!

Leo definitely enjoyed getting messy with a cupcake after his lunch before heading off for a spot of retail therapy!

Next on the agenda was looking at the beautiful decorations on display amongst the faux Christmas Trees!

It made me want to start planning the colour scheme for my tree already! This will be the first Christmas in our new home so I’m super excited to start decorating and buying our tree. I’ve already thought about where I’m going to put everything!

The seasonal floor is also filled with gift sections perfectly arranged for each recipient and a dedicated toy floor upstairs is also readily available. I managed to purchase a few bits to put away for Christmas for my little boy so I’m feeling pretty accomplished!

Fenwicks at Christmas really feels like a winter wonderland and something I’d definitely do again! I would recommend the cafe for sure, even just for coffee and cake to take a break from shopping!


Straight From The Runway: Get The Fashion Month Styles For Less

Want to get the iconic fashion month trends for less? Check my post with the latest designer dupes and trends to watch out for this season 💓

We’re fast approaching the end of fashion month; however there are so many major runways still yet to be walked and so many styles ready for us to fall in love with. Before we drown from fashion overload, let’s have a recap of the current styles we’ve seen so far this month that we should definitely be inputting into our wardrobes this season. Whether from the designers themselves or from a dupe on the high street.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos used in this post. All rights and credits go to their respective owners.


They’re not just for superheroes! When I think of capes I always think back to Blair Waldorf wearing those Trina Turk and Moncler capes all those years ago.

Think flowing capes as a killer outerwear trend this autumn. The sleeveless silhouette may appear intimidating and unwearable but they can be effortlessly chic with the right styling. Chanel, Prada, Chloé, Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu have all sported capes on their runways this season, but you don’t have to break the bank to get the look. Warehouse has a stunning animal print cape for only £35.00, Pretty Little Thing and Missguided are designing blazers with a designer inspired cape sleeve. Soon, we will see capes all over the high street and I for one, can’t wait.

Maison Margiela. Source: Harper’s Bazaar.

Ruffle Blouses

Blouses are a great way to look formal and smart but still keep a casual vibe if worn with jeans. Blouses with a little bit of ruffle add a gorgeous 3D, romantic dimension to your look. I purchased mine from Zara two years ago so I’m so glad to see their return.

image source: VOGUE
image source: VOGUE

Christian Dior’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri reportedly turned to nature for her inspiration for the latest Spring 2020 ready to wear collection, hence the romantic style blouses, botanical feel and a nature inspired runway, in order to raise awareness for the climate crisis. Milan was a wave of jungle imagery for this show and I think it was just the right backdrop for this season. Similar high street finds can also be found at Warehouse, Boohoo, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and SHEin.

Mini Florals

Missoni blessed us with a new type of floral during Milan Fashion Week. Sometimes florals can be overpowering and some what frumpy. However, I think the smaller print is extremely flattering and perfect for a younger audience wanting to add a botanical vibe to their wardrobe without it looking dated. A gorgeous mini floral dress can be found on ASOS by Weekdays Girl. Along with this stunning button down midi skirt by Daisy Street.

Missoni. Image source: Harper’s Bazaar.

Tropical Vibes

Versace pulled it out the bag this year as always with their show stopping walk by the one and only J-LO. Rocking a jungle print gown that flowed like no other. The dress that is typically known as ‘that dress’ rocked the front row. First worn in 2000, it’s no stranger to the catwalk, however it still has the same impact it always has, even 19 years later. I anticipate that we will see many high street dupes of this print within the coming months.

Versace. Jenifer Lopez. Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar.

ASOS have similar prints in a maxi style like this one and they also have tropical print bikini cover ups, to die for co-ords and fabulous culottes by Stradivardus.

Dolce & Gabbana. Image source: Vogue.

Beige Utility

I adore the utility vibe on this piece and of course the gorgeous tailoring of this two piece ensemble. The suit trend is definitely here to stay and I’m so happy about that! A very very similar utility style top can be found on ASOS for only £35. Pull & Bear also have a similar one in a lighter shade for £29.99. I’m all about power dressing and wearing tailored clothing so this Dolce and Gabbana look is my favourite from fashion month so far!

What are your favourite looks from fashion month? Be sure to let me know!

Our World Is Dying Before Our Eyes, But What Can We Do About It?

Together we can and will make a difference. 🌳

🐼 please share this post to educate others on what we can do to help these awful fires within the Amazon Rainforest 🐅

I don’t know about anyone else but it seems wrong to sit here and discuss trivial matters such as make up and fashion whilst the rainforest burns in the Amazon. I desperately want to use the platform I have, however small, to influence even one person and educate about this matter.

According to the WWF, this year has already seen an 83% increase in fires since 2018, with a huge 73,000 recorded fires. This is caused by deforestation happening at an alarming rate.

Why should you care?

The amazon rainforest contains 10% of known wildlife species, although there are probably many more creatures waiting to be discovered.

We are in a climate emergency and we are the last generation that can do something about it. If you won’t do it for us, do it for our beautiful children that deserve to breathe fresh, clean air. We are running out of time to fix this, so everyone needs to do their bit. I’ve always cared deeply about the world we live in but since having my son that has only escalated. I fear so much for the future we are leaving for him and his children and their children to follow. Why should they pay for our mistakes and those of previous generations? I want him to be able to see earths creatures in real life and not just on photos after they have become extinct, I want him to breathe fresh, clean air, I want him to live in a world where he feels safe and protected. Educating our children from a young age about making healthier choices and respecting our planet is a fantastic way to start in order to prevent the next generation making the situation any worse. But we need to do our part now too.

The amazon is known as the lungs of the world for a reason, it contains approximately a third of the remaining rainforests left on the earth. This rainforest is the source of around 20% of the worlds oxygen.

We can’t fight against climate change without our rainforests.

Remember the media coverage and the donations and the outcry over the fire at Notre Dame? As horrific as that was to see, this is a lot worse. We aren’t just talking buildings, our world, our home, is literally in flames.

What can we do about it?

It’s easy to feel small and powerless in regards to matters as large as this. People often say to me, “one change won’t make a difference” when I talk about recycling, reducing meat consumption etc. But the truth is, if we all had that attitude nothing would ever change. It’s up to us to provide a safe world for our children and grandchildren to survive in. This has gone too far and enough is enough.

The vast majority of these fires are lit by humans to clear ground for cattle. This is NOT acceptable by any means. Nothing can be prioritised over the air we breathe and it’s time we stood up and fought for this.

You can help.

  • Sign the emergency petition created by WWF and support their attempt to bring the fires to the top of the UK Government’s G7 agenda. Sign – here
  • It’s up to us to show our outrage at this, to encourage governments and world leaders to protect our rainforest so that it can protect us. Share pictures on social media, educate others, tell your family and tell your friends. Share updates.
  • Donate to the WWF’s emergency appeal, or share it with others if you can’t – here this appeal is attempting to bring about stricter laws within the Brazilian government, to help tackle these fires and prevent this from happening ever again.
  • Eat sustainably. A lot of land within rainforests has been cleared in order to create room for farming meat and dairy. You can do this by opting for plant based foods, waste less food, use reusable bags, moderate meat consumption if you can’t go completely vegetarian or vegan. Did you know that if every family cut out one red meat meal per week it would be the equivalent of taking 16.8 million cars of the road for the environment? Surely we can all do ATLEAST that.

What’s happening right now?

Thankfully, due to international pressure, the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, has deployed his country’s army to assist in tackling the blaze and US President, Donald Trump has offered american assistance with the fight. It’s a step in the right direction and so we need to keep up the media coverage of this and not allow it to be forgotten about. It’s just too important not to fight for.

Together, we can do this.

* I do not own any photos used in this post.