OPI Nail Varnish & Top Coat – Hot Or Not? | Review

Let’s find out whether these new shades and top coat by O.P.I are hot or not! 💅🏼


*I was kindly gifted these products from Influenster – all opinions are my own*


Today I’m here with something a bit different for my blog – a nail varnish review! I’m discussing three gorgeous shades and also a product that works as a primer, top coat and a nail strengthener!

About the Brand

O.P.I are world leaders within the professional nail care industry with an extensive range of shades to suit any skin tone for any occasion! Their heavily pigmented lacquers are available in over 100 countries at an affordable price point.

All Your Dreams in Vending Machines

This shade is from the Tokyo collection and I really love this! I had so many compliments when wearing it. It’s a hot pink with shimmery reflects in it! This is a perfect shade for summer.


Rice Rice Baby

This one is also from the Tokyo collection and I think it’s my favourite out of the three! It’s a gorgeous baby pink with a hint of mauve.


How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

This one probably looks the scariest out of the three but it’s so pretty on! It’s a pale green from the Tokyo collection with a stunning shine.


Start To Finish (Primer and Top Coat)

I’ve never used a product like this before but I think it’s such a good idea! My nails haven’t chipped all day (they normally are all chipped by the end of the day) they lasted through a bubble bath and multiple nappy changes – so it definitely gets my approval. The product says that it’s also a strengthening product for your nails too, which I could definitely do with because my nails are constantly snapping and breaking.

This three in one formula can be applied before you put any polish on to create a smooth base and protect your natural nails from the polish. Then, it can be used as a top coat to create a high gloss shine and prevent chipping the colour. Finally the product strengthens nails by bonding together nail proteins and creating stronger and more flexible nails.



Bumble Bee Themed First Birthday Party

Planning on throwing a bumble bee themed party for your little honey? Here’s a whole load of inspiration 🐝

Back in January, I threw Leo his very first birthday party with all our friends and family. It was a bumble bee themed day filled with cute decorations, so I thought I’d share them all with you incase you wanted to throw a similar party!

I had no idea about the way I’d feel about Leo turning one, but when I was setting this party up the evening before, I Cried! I cried buckets! It’s so sad to see your baby grow up but at the same time you’re so proud of them. It really is just a rollercoaster of emotions!

“The days are long, but the years are so short”

I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest and I thought it would be a great way to keep any children at the party entertained! The table was filled with card, stickers, pencils, crayons and party bags with sweets and toys.

I got the chalkboard from Poundland along with all the stickers and colouring equipment!

Big shout out to all these amazing girls for being the best aunties to my little boy and loving him with all their hearts.

Also, to all our family that made the day so special and one to remember forever. We put out a memory book for everyone to write something in for him to look at when he’s older. I love doing things like that so he knows he’s always been loved since day one!

  • Decorations: all Amazon
  • Cake: Cake Me a Wish
  • Leo’s outfit: River Island
  • My outfit: Pretty Little Thing SHOP
  • Bee Rocker: Gift SHOP

Meet The Mum Behind Tailored Tinkers | An Interview With Lyndsey Page

I chat to Lyndsey Page about her brand, Tailored Tinkers, and what it’s like to run a business while raising her daughter, Naomi.

Lyndsey Page may have fallen pregnant during her final year of University, but that didn’t stop her from following her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

The 25-year-old is a Fashion Design and Marketing Graduate from Newcastle, who has her own business, Tailored Tinkers. Her brand specialises in the design and creation of handmade clothing for children, ranging in sizes from newborn to eight years old. 

The talented mother took a year out of her degree at Newcastle University where she studied fashion design and marketing, to give birth to her now two-year-old daughter, Naomi. With more time on her hands, the fashion designer started her business.

When her daughter turned one, Lyndsey returned to her studies to finish her degree, before starting Tailored Tinkers back up again. Lyndsey describes the year as a whirlwind!

Of course, running a business and raising daughter at the same time doesn’t come easy, “it’s very stressful at times” Lyndsey said, “at the same time though, it’s very handy because I have a guinea pig to test out all the clothes and sizing on her,

“It’s harder as she gets older because she used to be happy on her play mat, but now she wants to join in so I have to keep her busy with her pencils and paper. I always restrict my orders so I can fit them in while she’s at nursery or on a nighttime when she’s asleep. I try not to work when I have her as I always get Mam guilt so I have to leave time to play with her.”

When asked what the most rewarding part of her business, she told me that it’s in fact raising awareness for The Rainbow Trust charity, which works to support children who are terminally ill or have a life threatening condition. They bring support and help to families who so desperately need it, with Lyndsey claiming “for each garment I sell, 5% of the profit goes to the charity. It’s an amazing charity and if anything ever happened to Naomi, I know I would love the support they give to their patients.”

She continued, “another proud moment is when I was doing my A/W photoshoot, I got a mixed variety of children to model and one of the boys had down syndrome. (pictured below) He was so good at taking photos that his mam put the photos forward to the agency that shoots for River Island and Topshop! Now he’s got offers for more photo shoots, so I was over the moon about that.”

What’s the hardest part?
Definitely organising everything to fit it all in. It’s just me running the business so I have to do the research, designing, comparison with competitors, make the garments and then market it to the right audience and then do all the promotions. It’s a lot, but I enjoy it. I think the key is to just keep going. I have off days where I have lost interest and wonder why on earth I do it, but other days you just feel so proud of how far you’ve came and it gives you another kick up the bum!

How do you find inspiration?
I find it from all over to be honest! I mainly get inspired from clothes that adults wear, children’s clothes always have little patterns on or are made so the child is attracted to it, I wanted to make my collection quite plain but if it was in a bigger size, the adult would want to buy it. I also get slot of inspiration from the Kardashians children, they always wear oversized and comfortable clothes. My aim was always to make comfortable and practical clothes that are stylish. Especially when it’s for children as you don’t need something over the top if it’s going to have beans all over it by the end of the day!


* photos belong to Tailored Tinkers *

Lyndsey’s instagram: HERE

Tailored Tinkers Instagram: HERE

Tailored Tinkers Facebook: HERE

Our Elephant Themed Nursery | A Tour

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I didn’t want the typical pink and blue theme in the nursery, I wanted something different! My plan was lavender and purple for a girl and mint green and grey or a boy! I found out I was having a baby boy and got to work on my dream nursery.

Elephants are my favourite animals ever and I think they’re so cute for a nursery! I incorporated this theme by planning on Pinterest and shopping for little bits at a time!

I searched so many different greens on the walls and eventually went for this lovely mint shade! The brick wallpaper was already in the room and I decided not to paint over two of the walls to give my nursery a unique and modern feel.

All prints and frames in this picture are from Desenio.

Elephant Mural: Amazon – SIMILAR

Door Hooks: H&M – SHOP

  • Bedding: Amazon – SHOP
  • Elephant Blanket: Dunelm – SIMILAR

This elephant cushion was a gift hand made from a family friend and I really adore it, it’s one of my favourite things in this nursery because it’s so personal and sweet! … and of course, it’s an elephant!

  • Clock: Argos – SHOP
  • Blind: Argos – SHOP

Light Shade: Amazon – SHOP

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful!

All the best,

Becca x

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm | Review

Let’s see if the high ratings on this product are true. Is the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm my new holy grail? Is it worth the hype?

I know! I’m so late to the party on this one! This product was floating around YouTube and the beauty community a few years ago and I always wanted to try it and I never got round to it. It’s had so many good reviews and sounds fabulous! I’m trying my best to cut down on waste and so I’m ditching face wipes – I’m hoping that this can be my alternative. Since Clinique has now came to ASOS (my favourite online store ever, fyi) I thought it was time to give this cleanser a whirl.

The Claims

Apparently, this product is suitable for all skin types and it has a fragrance free formula that’s free from parabens. This balm is supposed to cleanse the skin, melt make up away and leave your skin feeling soft and residue free. It should melt off all make up (even eyeliner and mascara!!) and leave my skin feeling fresh!

How To Use

Massage a small amount into your hands, without wetting them. Rub the balm on your face to dissolve make up and then rinse with warm water before patting dry with a towel. I used a sponge after the balm just to wipe over my face with warm water to ensure that all my mascara was off!

My Thoughts

Using this product was really quick and easy! It didn’t take long at all to remove a full face of make up by simply rubbing the balm across my face and massaging it in. I followed this with my nighttime skin routine and honestly, my skin felt great. Sometimes, when using wipes, it can feel like there’s still make up left on your face on a night after you’ve removed it – but I didn’t feel this at all with the balm. My face felt clean, cleansed and so soft!

Using a good cleanser can make you feel really refreshed and reveal your skin’s glow from within – which I love. You really don’t need much product on your fingers at all so I feel like that justifies the £24 price point, because a little goes along way so it should last you a good while.

I definitely recommend you trying this cleanser – my skin has never felt this clean or refreshed before – think I’ve found a new holy grail!

Thanks for reading as always.


Clinique Take The Day Off Balm: HERE

How To Care For Your Dyed Blonde Hair | My Top Tips

Stay Classy – Not Brassy

So, I’ve been on the journey to getting my hair blonde for over a year now, it’s hard work! I lost a lot of my hair after giving birth to Leo, (post partum hair loss is a bitch) and so I’ve been trying to build up my colour gradually, all while trying to maintain and repair my hair so it’s in a good condition again. The problem with pregnancy is that it gives you the most amazing and thick luxurious hair and you love it but then, baby comes out and so does all your gorgeous new hair!

My first step always is trying to look after its condition, while growing back what I lost and then trying to go lighter at the same time.

How to Help Repair Hair Loss – While Getting Healthier Locks

My hairline started receding at the front where I’d lost some of my hair. The back section underneath my hair was also very snapped and damaged.

  • Regular Trims: I went about three years without getting my hair cut because I was under the impression that it would grow better if I didn’t cut it but boy was I wrong! Getting it trimmed every 8-12 weeks definitely stops it snapping and breaking, leaving it healthier and stronger. (It’s growing quicker too!)
  • Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo – not the cheapest shampoo on the market I will admit. It works wonders though, really, since using it I barley get any breakages in my hair and next to nothing falls out during brushing or washing. Whereas before, there would be clumps coming out during both those times.
  • Aussie Damage Control Conditioner – finding a conditioner that works for you is great for keeping your hair in great condition. I find this one really is the best for keeping my hair shiny, healthy and strong.
  • Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment – for hair that never grows past a certain length. I feel like this has also really helped my hair grow! I use this once a week!

Keep it Classy Not Brassy!

To stop the blonde in my hair turning yellow or brassy, I use a silver shampoo. I’ve tried so many of these and I find that the only one that works for me is the Touch Of Silver Shampoo. This retails for about £3, so it’s actually one of the cheapest toning shampoos on the market and it really does work! Other ones, I feel just cling to the lightest sections of your hair and turn them white!

  • Touch of Silver Shampoo
  • Toner – whenever I go to the hairdressers I often get a silvery coloured toner on to cancel out my brassy shades.
  • A good hair dresser – I use Black Door Hairdressing and honestly I can not recommend them enough to you! Bobbi, who does my hair, always knows exactly what I want and she always does an amazing job. Here’s my slightly embarrassing before and after – from my first time seeing her, she transformed my hair!

I feel like lightening dark hair is a gradual process and if you want to maintain a good quality with your hair, you need to go lighter gradually. Every time I go to the hairdressers I just ask to go a step lighter and to bring the colour higher. Eventually, it will be all blonde. It may take a lot longer than you want it too, but your hair will thank you for it!

This is how blonde my hair is currently. You can follow my ‘going blonde’ journey on my Instagram stories and the highlight “HAIR”.

Instagram: @beccalhargate

Thanks for reading!!!


  • Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo – SHOP
  • Aussie Damage Control – SHOP
  • Lee Stafford Growth Treatment – SHOP
  • Touch of Silver – SHOP
  • Black Door Hairdressing – LINK