38 Happy Things To Say To Your Child

Positive words of encouragement can have a long lasting affect on your child, even years after you have said them.

Trying to choose words that will make them feel amazing from the inside out. As parents, we try hard to shape our children’s lives to ensure that they live their best lives possible. I’ve always believed that this starts with creating positive foundations in childhood that will develop their minds to be positive and thoughtful.

My son is my world and I never want him to forget how much I love and value him. It’s very important to me that he knows how deeply I care for him and so I try to give him positive affirmations everyday from a young age to secure our bond, learn right from wrong, understand how much I love him and also teach him to be kind to others.

Here are 38 positive things you can incorporate into your day and say to your child to make them feel happy, valued and loved.

1. I love you

2. Well done!

3. What was the best part of your day? (And the worst)

4. I’m lucky to be your mummy.

5. I’m grateful for you.

6. You are so good at …

7. You’re really kind / that was a really kind thing to do.

8. Thank you for being you.

9. We will tackle this problem together.

10. Your opinions matter.

11. I believe in you.

12. You did your best.

13. You make me so happy.

14. Don’t be afraid to be you.

15. I admire you.

16. That’s a lovely question.

17. I trust you.

18. I believe you.

19. You are beautiful, inside and out.

20. I’m grateful for you.

21. I love spending time with you.

22. I appreciate it when you …

23. I hope you have an amazing day.

24. I hope you have a lovely sleep.

25. I’m sure you can do it.

26. You make me smile.

27. I’m excited to do this with you!

28. You’re so creative.

29. Lets do this your way.

30. I knew you could do it!

31. I care about you.

32. I care about your feelings.

33. I’m proud of you.

34. Your words are meaningful.

35. You should be so proud of yourself!

36. You’re very helpful / that was a really helpful thing to do.

37. Thanks for being such a good boy / girl today.

38. The world is a much better place with you in it.


A Family Weekend Break To Center Parcs | Is It Toddler Friendly?

Is Center Parks a toddler friendly break? 🌲 find out in my latest blog post.

For this years stay-cation, we opted for another trip to Whinfell Forest at Center Parcs for a long weekend. In this post I’ll be sharing my experience and finding out whether it’s a toddler friendly stay!

We did come here in 2017 when I was pregnant and then in 2018 when Leo was only eight months so there wasn’t too much for him to get up to that time, here’s to hoping there will be now that he’s an 18 month old now!


We didn’t check in until a bit later (in a bid to beat the rush) and quickly unpacked and went to put the car back to the car park. This is by far the most annoying part of the whole experience and the only negative, mainly for when you need to leave because the car park is quite a way from where we are staying.


We then hired two bikes and a trailer for Leo to sit in. You know how everyone says you never forget how to ride a bike? Well, I’d like to challenge that theory because I COULDN’T DO IT. Honestly, I was constantly almost falling off and driving myself into traffic, not a good look.

Anyways, it was £29 for each bike and then an extra £31 for the trailer at the back, which is expensive, however it is so much quicker to get around this way and cycling is a really good way to get some exercise. You’re also spoiled for choice on the cycle parking front so you can wizz round anywhere you like!

Our Apartment

We stayed in the Lakeside Apartments which is an open plan complex that’s oh so cosy. It was perfect for the three of us with a travel cot and high chair provided.

God can we talk about this bath please!!! It’s a spa bath which means it turns into a mini whirlpool and it was the best bath I’ve ever had (and I have a lot)! Can’t even describe how relaxing it was! It did take us a while to figure out how to turn it on but after some excessive googling I figured it out. Incase you’re here to find the same information out – there’s a switch above the bathroom door on the outside which needs to be turned on (didn’t even know it was there until I googled) and then the bath needs to be over 70% full and then the light should start to flash green. Then, you just hold your finger on it for a few seconds and there you go! Amazing.


There is so much to do here – it’s impossible to do it all so it’s important to plan your days as much as you can. We booked all our activities prior to arrival to ensure spaces. On Saturday we went to musical movers – a baby group of singing and dancing. Then we went to toddler active play and football pool.

On the Sunday, my partner, Ben, went to the driving range before we headed to messy play and then to bowling on the evening!

Of course, we also fit swim sessions around all our activities, which leads me onto my next point …

Swimming Pool

There is free and unlimited use of the swimming pool from 10am-9pm everyday. There are so many different parts of the pool with slides, sprinklers, bubble pools, hot tubs and even outdoor pools. Honestly, laying in the outdoor pool in the sun made me feel like I was abroad! The swimming is a great way to burn your child’s energy so they sleep well, so would definitely recommend that for a good nights sleep!!


One of the best parts about Center Parcs is the amount of playgrounds there are for children!

Village Centre

This is the area where the swimming pool is along with restaurants, a supermarket, bowling, shops and a bar. Leo especially loved the supermarket because he got to push a mini trolley around!

Is Center Parcs Toddler Friendly?

Absolutely without a doubt! Everywhere you go caters for children and young families. The pubs/restaurants even have soft plays and free baby food facilities for you. I think it makes a great holiday for a weekend stay with a young family and even if you have older or younger children, there’s plenty for the whole family to get up to during your stay. I couldn’t recommend enough!

Have you ever been to Center Parcs? What did you think of it? Let me know. All the best,


Book your break to Center Parcs at centreparcs website.

Meet The Mum Behind Sew Sian | An Interview With Sian Whitehead

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I have an interview to share with you with the owner of Sew Sian. I’m always on the look out for unique clothes for my little one and I think this business is perfect for it. I have included the link to her site at the end of my interview with Sian.

Sian Whithead fell pregnant a year after graduating from Sunderland University with a degree in Fashion Journalism. Therefore, she decided to focus her attention on setting up her own business, although she was working for her dream magazine she knew that “once I had my little boy, I knew it wasn’t going to be a viable option to return to my 9-5”

The 24-year-old named her business Sew Sian, which became official in 2018. Sian said that “if I didn’t take the leap of faith now, I may never do it and it would always be something that I’d regret not doing”

The business specialises in personalised baby items ranging from clothing to homeware to soft toys and bags.

Of course, running your own business from home whilst raising her one-year-old little boy, Archie, isn’t easy, “it can be demanding and it often means very long hours, but to be able to provide for him and work around him is an absolute privilege and it’s well worth the little amount of sleep I get”

When asked what her favourite part of running her own business was, she stated that she absolutely loves being her own boss, “being a perfectionist – this job allows me to complete every task to the standard that I want and it lets me be creative every minute of the day. I truly believe this is exactly what I was meant to do all along!”

Sian also said that, “I also absolutely love seeing my son in Sew Sian clothes, the amount of satisfaction that brings is above anything I could have ever imagined”

I also asked Sian what the hardest part of running Sew Sian is and she said that, “I think people often assume that having your own business is an easy life. They don’t realise the amount of pressure and hard work that goes into it all when you only have yourself to rely on. I do any PR and social media posts and I’m the person replying to all the messages. I often wish I could grow an extra set of hands!”

Some of my favourite items from Sew Sian are definitely the ‘toddler tamer’ t shirt for adults, the soft toys and of course the beautiful printed leggings!

Toddler Tamer T-shirt (£12.95)
Nelly The Elephant Soft Toy (£24.95)
Navy Bee Leggings (£12.50)

When I asked Sian what her favourite items are that she makes she stated that, “this is a hard one! There are so many things that I love making and often each new design becomes my favourite! I would say that as much as I love all of them, I love all of the big embroider designs I create. I have a soft spot for an initial t shirt paired with a bespoke pair of leggings. There is something so simplistically perfect about that combo,

“And for adults, I love our embroidered sweatshirts! The ‘Chaos Coordinator’ one is my go-to because I feel like it sums up my life with a business and a toddler pretty well!”

Find much more on Sian’s beautiful site: www.sewsian.com and be sure to follow her Instagram at @sewsian.

Thanks for reading angels.x

*all photos are curtsey of Sew Sian.