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I am that friend who always has to be told not to overdress, I can’t help myself – casual isn’t always in my nature as I’m quite dramatic at the best of times, which often reflects in my outfit. I’m always in need of tips to style down my more dramatic style items!


To get the most out of your clothes, you want to make sure you can style each item with a few different outfits. Dresses are a hard one because they are typically for formal wear or something a little bit extra.

I am that friend who always has to be told not to overdress, I can’t help myself – casual isn’t always in my nature as I’m quite dramatic at the best of times, which often reflects in my outfit. I’m always in need of tips to style down my more dramatic style items!

In this post I’ve listed a few ways you can style down a dress like a cami / bodycon dress to get a lot more wear out of the ones you have in your wardrobe!

Perfecting the art of styling up and down outfits can completely revamp your wardrobe. Any rules about fashion are made to be broken so don’t fear stepping outside your comfort zone every now and then and trying something new!

1. Layering

My favourite way to style down a dress is to layer it over a t shirt of jumper. Adding this extra layer underneath adds modesty and creates a more everyday, wearable vibe. It’s a touch of glam but also a comfortable fit. This would work well with a roll neck black jumper too, for the colder mornings we’re often blessed with at this time of year.

2. A Cosy Knit Fit

Dresses are a versatile item that can be switched up depending on your occasion. Another way to style down your dress is to add a jumper over the top of your outfit instead of underneath. This gives the appearance that you’re wearing a skirt as the top layer is hidden by your knitwear.

Speaking of knitwear, how about teaming your bodycon with a longline cardigan, tights and boots? Thats a sure fire way to style down your outfit while still keeping warm, cosy and bang on trend.

3. Footwear Choices

The tone of your outfit is often set off by the choice of footwear, for example this outfit with trainers I think makes it look quite casual, however with a pair of heels it turns it into a whole new smartly seductive vibe.

4. Outerwear

Your choice of outwear is key in finishing the overall look and feel of your outfit. For example, a cardigan or denim jacket would tone an outfit right down. Whereas your favourite faux fur number may be pushing it back to the side of a Friday night clubbing fiasco.

A dress with a denim jacket is a great way to keep it casual throughout the sumner months. Or how about an oversized blazer and your favourite pair or trainers?

Keep it fun and play around with the styles and fits you have in your wardrobe!

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Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oreal Paris Collection | Beauty Review

Late last year, L’Oreal Paris released a beautiful collection in partnership with the late fashion mogul, Karl Largerfeld. Karl was arguably one of the worlds biggest and most influential creators within the world of fashion, so what happens when someone like Karl collaborates with a world wide beauty brand? Let’s find out.

The beauty collection was a project that was initiated before his unfortunate death in February 2019. Karl sketched the initial designs which was then finished by his talented team before it’s release during fashion week in September 2019. It consists of a nine pan eyeshadow palette, highlighter, eyeliners, mascara and lipsticks.


The packaging of these products was designed by Karl Lagerfield with his iconic monochromatic styling to give a tough of elegance to the designs. The style boasts a rock chic feel with a touch of Parisian vibes and of course it screams class, as does everything Karl has an influence on.

“A collection is not just one basic idea. It comes from something that is in the air, something you suddenly like and put down on paper and then work out”

Karl Lagerfeld

Eyeshadow Palette

The colour scheme represents a classic Karl rock chic vibe with a perfect balance of neutral shades and bolder hues. The disappointing thing is that the Karl imprint rubs off after one swatch – I was hoping it would stay on! But it seems it’s only on the top layer. The shades are really good quality for a drug store price point, they blend nicely together and have a lot of pigment.

I think with this palette you can create quite a few different looks that can take you from day to night. The muave and pink shades are definitely my favourites, however the silver shade is really lovely too.

Swatches done onto my arm with a dry clean finger.


I managed to get hold of the lovely highlighter that was brought out as part of this collection. It is a two part highlighter with a darker shade in the centre and a lighter shade surrounding.

The highlight is a lovely gold that gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It’s very buildable as well do if you wanted an extreme highlight (like I always do) you can build it up. I think the darker shade is a little too dark for me so I will be sticking to the lighter one, however for the summer months when I’m a little more bronzed I think it would be just enough if mixed with the lighter one.

The darker shade could of course be used as an eyeshadow also, there’s no rules within make up!


I got two beautiful shades from this collection which are Kultured and Karasmatic. The formulation of these lipsticks is very moisturising which leaves a satin and hydrating look to the lips. I almost always go for liquid lipsticks but I think it’s nice to go back to basics every now and then and have a classic lipstick. They glide on with ease and last a few hours before any retouching is needed. I’ve been wearing these with a lip liner to give the fuller lip effect and it works great with them.

I also love the shade names on these lipsticks with the K to the beginning of them, I think it gives the shades a very personal touch.

The lipsticks also have a lovely scent to them, they smell a little like lovehearts sweets!

“Fashion is a game that has to be played seriously”

Karl Lagerfeld

Final Thoughts

I think it’s fantastic that a brand like L’Oreal collaborate with big fashion houses to give us all a chance to experience the luxury at a drugstore price point. The collection is at great quality and you can tell that a lot of thought has went into the products. For many collaborations you can almost tell someone has just put their name to it – but this one you can really feel the time and effort that has went into each product and that reflects in the quality of each item.

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Send It With Paperless Post | AD*

Ever thought about sending a virtual card? Paperless post makes it a breeze to do just that at a few taps of your screen.

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We are living in a digital age where most of our lives are online. With everything we need at the touch of a button, often it’s a lot easier to contact our friends through digital outlets.

Wedding invitations are also available to be created with Paperless Post with collaborative designs by Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade, Vera Wang. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will know how expensive weddings are and invitations are no exception to the rule. With paperless post, this can really cut the cost and of course make things easier with just a few taps of a button, you can create elegant designs and email them to your wedding guests.

There are a multitude of templates to choose from for all kinds of occasions, such as gatherings, parties, birthdays, christmas, new baby arrival, hen party, wedding and so much more.

As a nation, I feel we are all trying to do our bit to prevent wastage as we look out for our planet. Thousands of Christmas cards are sent every year, perhaps millions which ofcourse, is a lot of paper. Paperless post are a great way to introduce a digital Christmas card to send to our friends and family to avoid the clutter of cards spread across our mantles and of course the endless wastage that comes with the festive season.

I really enjoyed creating my first card with paperless post. I opted to send a friend of mine a get well soon card as she had been feeling under the weather for a number of days. I found the process incredibly easy as I downloaded the free app which is so easy to use!

I loved the ability to customise the virtual envelope and liner it arrives in.

I feel this ability just helps to make it that bit more personal and unique.

Another feature I found really useful is the ability to track the delivery of your invites or greetings card. You can also see when they have been opened!

I also decided to do some Christmas cards for members of my family and my nearest and dearest. I loved being able to personalise this one with our names on the front to make it a little more extra special! I thought the festive envelope liners were gorgeous too. I opted for the super cute penguins for the inside of mine!

I would definitely recommend paperless post to anyone sending a lot of invites for a special occasion such as a party or a wedding. I also think it would be a lovely way to simply let someone know you’re thinking of them, in a way that’s beautifully created and personalised to them.

You can use their website online or download their free app to get started today. Happy posting!

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The Reasons Why Animal Print Fashion Is Here To Stay

Why animal print is here to stay 🐾

Certain trends come and go as the seasons change and we welcome new releases every week in the fast fashion industry. Animal print is one of those styles that never seems to go out of fashion – and rightly so!

There are so many variations of animal print from tropical vibes to zebra and leopard print to the recently emerged designs in cow prints. There’s something for everyone of all age groups and walks of life and that’s why it’s a perfect trend to stay forever.

Today we’re talking all things animal print so saddle up for the ride. (Faux ofcourse)



Cow Print Dress: MissGuided – SHOP

Boots: New Look – SIMILAR

Cow Print

I’m loving this monochrome take on the animal print vibe as I think it brings something completely different to the game. I’ll admit when I first saw it popping up on the high street and in the new in sections on our favourite fashion apps, I wasn’t convinced. It first appears a little too wild but with the right styling I think it can be really cute and classy. I paired this cow print bandeau dress with a knitted roll neck for a more autumnal and classy feel.

Leopard Print

This is an oldie but a goldie and one I find my self reaching out for at every season. It’s a timeless classic that can’t be beaten and one that I think will always be in my wardrobe.

Snake Print

I love this style for accessorising! I think a gorgeous snake print bag with an otherwise plain outfit really brings a touch of class and a secondary dimension to any outfit.

Zebra Print

Another stunning monochrome vibe with a touch of jungle fever. Again, I think this is a perfect print for accessorising a plain or all black outfit in the world of shoes and bags.

Whats our favourite animal print? Be sure to let me know in the comments. xoxo


What Is Imposter Syndrome And How Can We Overcome It?

You’ve just achieved one of your major goals and you should be happy, but the voice in your head says, are you really qualified for that? Who gave you the permission?

This fear can be utterly paralysing… but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way?

I was walking to my seat at graduation, a day of feeling proud of your achievements and celebrating your success. I sat in my seat and thought what if they don’t call my name? What if they finally realise that I’m not clever enough for my degree? I believed that whenever I got my results they must have been wrong. I genuinely believed it was just me that felt this way and I never knew there was a term for it until recently.

It can hit at any time but it’s mainly due to successes such as new careers. I had my first interview since graduating and was convincing myself in my head that I’d lied on my CV and that my qualifications aren’t correct or they’re not legit when actually, they definitely are.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome is a type of psychological pattern that makes you feel as though your accomplishments aren’t as they seem. It creates a sense of self doubt through a persistent internalised fear that you’re a fraud. Such as, putting your successes down to luck. Despite external validation from others, those with imposter syndrome lack internal acknowledgements of their own accomplishments and achievements. This can be caused by the drive to succeed, fear of failure and feeling guilt for your success.

Imposter syndrome was first described by Dr Pauline Clance in 1985 as she described the phenomenon as experiencing intense feelings of guilt that their achievements are undeserved and that they will be eventually exposed as a fraud.

Personally, I believe that doubt is healthy in small amounts as it helps us find room for improvement and self development. Imposter syndrome comes from a natural desire to succeed which starts of as healthy, but sometimes can be taken over the line to self destructive. This can be caused by your (false) belief in your own intellectual inadequacy which in turn leads you to anticipate your own failures which can spiral into a load of confidence problems.

The truth is that anyone from all walks of life can suffer from imposter syndrome. Billionaire Mike Cannon Brookes told ABC News in an interview that most days he still feels as though he doesn’t know what he’s doing, despite being CEO of Altassian.

I started researching the topic of imposter syndrome because I didn’t even know there was a term for it. It’s something I’ve experienced often that I’ve always put down to my anxiety disorder but it turns out it has a complete separate classification. I started my research and thought maybe there’s a lot of people that haven’t heard of it? Which inspired this post.

Amy Cuddy and the notion of presence.

I recently read a book by social psychologist, Amy Cuddy called ‘Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to Your Boldest Challenges‘.

“Fake it until you become it” The essence of this idea is that sometimes we have to trick ourselves into seeing what we are and what we’re capable of. We’re not tricking others, because they have no reason to believe we’re not capable. We’re standing in our own way, which is why we have to fake ourselves from time to time” – Presence, Amy Cuddy.

Amy says that both men and women can suffer from imposter syndrome, even though it is typically described as a problem felt by females only. This often happens by stereotype backlash as she states that, “men who deviate from the strong assertive stereotype” punish themselves for failing to conform to societies expectations. Women can also suffer from stereotype backlash if they appear to masculine in the workplace.

Self Affirmations

Amy Cuddy’s research into body language and body chemistry revealed that we can change perceptions of others by simply changing the position of our bodies. Cuddy calls this ‘Power Posing’ and in 2012 she spoke at a TEDx talk – ‘Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.’ Watch it: here

FYI, if you’re into self improvement books I definitely recommend this one!

You can purchase it: here.

What can we do about it?

I spoke to certified professional ghost writer, published novelist and TEDx speaker, Joshua Lisec about his advice on overcoming imposter syndrome and he told me that “The struggle you’ve had with trying to land clients, getting that promotion, or saying yes to yourself…it’s not because you aren’t any good at what you do or because you’re “bad” or “not enough …

“it’s not because you’re thinking too highly of yourself. Imposter Syndrome is what you’re dealing with. Remember the oh-so-nerdy theory of cognitive psychology called the Dunning-Krueger Effect tells you that, if you’re doubting your own abilities, you’re most likely pretty damn good at what you do.”

I asked Joshua about his personal advice on overcoming said Imposter Syndrome and he told me that, “For me, overcoming imposter syndrome involved third-party feedback that yes, I did in fact know what I was talking about and that my story is worth seeing and hearing…that what I have accomplished is indeed as impressive as I personally believe it is.

“Giving a TEDx Talk did all of that for me at once. If you are battling imposter syndrome, the best thing you can do is share your story on stage or in print and see what people say. Oh, sure, there are haters, but the effect of overwhelming positive feedback means they don’t matter. You stop noticing the negativity after a while.”

Watch Joshua’s TED talk – here

Quick Tips on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

– Don’t focus on negatives – one failure does not mean that we lack in our skils. Failure is a necessity to our growth.

– Tell yourself everyday: “I deserve my success” If your best friend said she didn’t deserve her success, you’d be furious! Of course she does? She’s the most talented and deserving girl ever!! …. so why can’t you see that in yourself? Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved.

– TALK: Amy Cuddy states in her book that most of us are walking round feeling like imposters but that we feel too ashamed to admit it. The more that we talk about it, the less we can carry the burden of feeling this way.


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